Transitional Weather

Hello friends! Been awhile… I know…
I am so excited fall is here! One of my favorite times of year, even more so than spring! One wish of mine however is that the weather will go full out already and turn crisp all day! Colorado weather can be tricky that way…drizzly and damp or crisp in the morning and by the time you’re out again for lunch you’re pitting it out in that sweater and scarf. The key is, as you know, layers. I also find that balancing either bare legs or bare arms is a good internal thermostat for transitional fall dressing in this semi-arid climate. Wear the ankle booties, sans tights with a light blouse, or wear a sleeveless top with those high waist wool trousers. I notice I have been wearing a blazer and/or my khaki J. Crew trench these past couple of weeks but what I really can’t wait for is freezing temps to pull out my furs! On my list to find this season…great leather riding boots. I have also been rocking a sneaker wedge which is everywhere lately thanks to Isabel Marant. Super comfy for school days running around downtown, and super edgy with my leather leggings. Besides the fashion, I love the fall food! Had a mini pecan tart last weekend and I hope to do some decorating/festivities for Halloween, albeit, low key.
What have you been wearing lately?

Here’s cute husband in his new skinny trousers from Target. His top is from Target too. Such a handsome hubby.

And he loves his funky footwear…

Thrifted pants, Tommy Hilfiger belt from eons ago, Chambray top from Marshall’s, oxford heels by Jessica Simpson.

Silk blouse Nordstrom, H&M skirt from Barcelona, black Dolce Vita booties.


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2 Responses to “Transitional Weather”

  1. Mayra Sanchez Says:

    I love that your hubbie is game for a photo shoot!

  2. bucklebuttonzip Says:

    Those are some sweet shoes on your hubby! And you too. The oxfords are great touch to that outfit.
    x Laura

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