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Retail Roundup

May 9, 2013

As a social media specialist/PR pro in the retail world, I get out and about to research trends and what’s new in retail land often.  I wanted to start to share some of the great finds out there with you all.  Let’s face it, of course we would all love to shop exclusively at boutiques and fancy online sites, but the majority of us, if not all of us, inevitably find ourselves picking up random pieces from everywhere and anywhere in between.  A Target run for nail polish remover becomes a trip to try on summer swimsuits.  Before you know it, you’ve spent $100 on the suit, the sandals, a beach towel, a nail polish and a magazine, but you forgot what you came for.  I find that wherever I am, there is always SOMETHING I can take home with me.  This is a problem.  This is a product of consumerism and I am working on it.  It helps that I don’t have endless funds.  It also helps to have a camera on my phone.  I can take a photo, think about it, sleep on it, share it on social media and with with you all here.  I love finding things at stores you wouldn’t normally see yourself shopping at.  I just saw “This is 40” and the main character is crying and saying she is not ready to shop at “old lady” stores and mentions Chico’s and Talbot’s.  I have to disagree!  Check out a couple pieces I found in said stores below.  The other misconception of “mall” shopping is that you must stay clear of the teeny bopper stores.  Not true!  You may go up to a large instead of a medium, I know, the horror, but the prices are a lot more affordable on those trendier pieces you may only wear for a couple seasons.  So here’s the first edition of Retail Roundup, some of my favorite finds over the last week.

1. Statement Necklace from Anthropologie. $68  (Park Meadows)  This would dress up the basic white tee and jeans, and add a blazer in coral or min to make the details pop!

April 25 Phone 2013 116

2. Tribal printed denim by Sanctuary at Sundance. $148  (Park Meadows) Edgy denim to pair with a loose fitting jersey tee in black or gray and gladiator sandals gives you an L.A. look.

April 25 Phone 2013 0993. Cute tote from Talbots. $139 (Park Meadows) I just loved this!  A fun carryall for spring/summer and sturdy!  Love the red and teal color combo!

April 25 Phone 2013 081

4. Bohemian Blouse from J. Crew. $110 (Park Meadows) Lot’s of bohemian inspired prints everywhere, even in the preppy J. Crew.  Add ankle length, light wash skinny jeans with a few rips and a leather sandal and this is the easiest look to head to a soccer game in.

April 25 Phone 2013 0695. Trapese high/low racer-back tank dress from Urban Outfitters. $39 (Park Meadows) The silhouette on this will mask my post pregnancy bod and flatter most figures.  Add a wedge or heeled sandal for height and elongate the look.  A long necklace and great earrings can really dress it up if you have an event too.

April 14 Phone 2013 3266. Leather sandals from Steve Madden. $69.95 (Park Meadows) Need these.  I’d probably get black or tan.

April 14 Phone 2013 3037. Sheer caftan from Chico’s. $109 (Park Meadows) I immediately thought of a trip to Mexico when I saw this.  Even though I am not going anywhere anytime soon.  I would so wear this over a black swimsuit, with a straw fedora hat and a margarita in hand!

April 14 Phone 2013 291

8. Camouflage vest with faux leather shoulder detail at Pacific Sunwear. (Park Meadows) Camo is back, again.  I liked the punky extras on this.  Pair it with ankle grazing skinny jeans or shorts and a white tank.

April 14 Phone 2013 3839. Denim jacket with Native American fabric inlay on back at American Eagle Outfitters. $$59.95 (Park Meadows) LOVE!  An easy throw-on piece, especially over a flowy maxi dress this summer.

April 14 Phone 2013 29710. Printed shorts by Joe Fresh at JC Penney. $19 (Park Meadows) LOVE these in purple or yellow.  Again, add your basic tee, a pair of gold hoops and a couple necklaces and your flip flops, straw tote and go!

April 14 Phone 2013 347April 14 Phone 2013 346Last, there is something about these necklace/detachable collars from Clair’s Accessories that scream potential.  Right?!  I mean, you can’t go wrong with $12!  The only trick is finding the right under shirt, blouse or dress to top it off with.  You don’t want a gap of skin showing or a collar underneath peaking out…

April 14 Phone 2013 340

Hope you liked the first installment of Retail Roundup!  Hope to roll out more of these and also share things I did actually come home with.  What have you seen or purchased lately that you thought was a gem?!


Should I Santa Myself?

November 28, 2012

It’s not a secret that we live in a world of consumerism. ‘Tis the season! It’s also understood that bloggers, generally speaking, are clenched in retailers’ grasp. My husband always manages to get me really wonderful gifts that usually put me in tears, like the first Christmas we spent together when he paid my school bill so I could register for classes the next semester. Then the pink cruiser, a Coach handbag and really cute odds and ends like a handmade scarf from a crafter at the high school where he teaches. So with that said, I just realized something in the shower tonight. I went Christmas shopping today for four of my nieces and finally think I found something hubby will love, but has no clue it’s coming. Throughout the morning, I stumbled across things for myself and added them to the cart. Tonight I had to pick something up from Park Meadows and do some research, and as I wandered in and out of the shops, I stumbled on a great gift for my Daddy, (a Fender tee shirt in lime green from Aeropostale for $9!), and saw some things that would make great gifts for others, and I also picked up a couple things for myself- YET AGAIN! Is it the pregnancy making me all Christmas jolly this year? Are the sales just too good to pass?! What I wish was that my husband was secretly on my shoulder, like a spirit, out and about shopping with me so he could see what I pick up, what I need. Do you ever wish that about your significant other, your Santa?! Don’t get me wrong, as I said, he is an AMAZING Syrian Santa, as we call him, but there’s always those little things you see that you think, “That’d make a great stocking stuffer,” or “Gee, I could really use larger, cute and comfy panties because my ass is getting huge.”
So I am aware of the problem, Christmas self-shopper offender numero uno right here, and am going to try A) really hard NOT to buy MYSELF anything before Christmas, B) Not to buy this unborn baby anything for Christmas (Can we just enjoy this last one the two of us?!) C) That if I happen to slip up, I will wrap it and save it for Christmas morning.
So here’s a few things I picked up today and over the weekend while out and about:
We ran errands at Michael’s (one of my favorite places), because I needed some things for some projects I am working on. I found incredible deals on some greenery swag for the mantle, 50% off, found the ribbon I needed and these awesome markers you can use to write on windows! See…stocking stuffer! Then we headed to Walmart. Husband needed a shower caddy and we decided to do Christmas lights on the house! He did AWESOME for our first go at it! I also was really on the hunt for a Gingerbread man cookie cutter, score, and a rolling pin, score! I plan to get bakie with it after I graduate December 15th! So wouldn’t this little cookie cutter man look adorbs poking out of my stocking?! Today, I hit up K-Mart by my house, heard they were closing, super SAD, but I was on it! Needless to say, I found all the toys my four beautiful nieces had on their wishlists at 20% off, plus an additional 10% off my entire purchase! So with this store closing and all, of course I scoured every square foot. DVD bin for $5! I scored the classic, Miracle on 34th Street! Wohoo! I also spent some time in the baby aisles and found a few essentials. A stroller hook for all that shopping we’ll be doing together, and teensy weensy nail clippers and file. I also picked up a couple holiday items including this super cheesy but awesome plastic tablecloth I photographed on, gift wrap, bows, tags- all 20% off! Tonight I meandered through J.Crew, and stumbled upon a big sale in the back! Take an additional 30% off sale! How cute is that birdie iphone case?! $12! I popped into Aeropostale because hubby bought a puffer coat last week for like $20 and I saw the entire store is 60% off, seriously. I had wanted some comfy, sort of L.A. teeny bopper sweatpants for around the house- when I went in today, they were $12!
So essentially, this growing bump is also causing me to have to buy much more than usual too. New bras and panties and cute hospital jammies from Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago, and then my first actual maternity purchases! I bought a Bellaband and an Ingrid and Isabel top from my prenatal yoga studio Belly Bliss, oh that too, pre-natal yoga classes! Full disclosure, my super thoughtful husband just bought me a 5 class package for their Black Friday special for $59, early Christmas prezzy for sure. That counts! I also found a pair of wild printed maternity skinny pants from H&M that I feel like I am in between sizes on (legs are tight and pouch for the not-quite-there-yet bump is too big.) I don’t know what it is, but everywhere I go I happen upon a little baby trinket. At TJ Maxx the other day I found this diaper changing pad cover by Summer for $6! So soft! I had the pad already and just needed a cute cover that fit and voila- one appears! I was out and about with a friend last week and ended up at a Burlington Coat Factory which I hadn’t been to since I was a little girl, and I picked up Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion for momma and the cutest bathtub thermometer around- a rubber duckie by Munchkin, Underneath he says HOT if water is too toasty for baby. So, once again, I don;t want to ask Santa for Palmer’s stretch mark cream, but it’d fill a momma-to-be’s stocking out nicely! This little rubber duckie thermometer might be cute peering out of a stocking or on a gift.
So with all that over sharing, I just wanted to know if you all have encountered this Christmas shopping conundrum? Do you wrap your own gifts and “act surprised?” I’ve never been a fan of the fake unwrap…Hmmm…I guess I could snap pics and send the to husband via text?
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful dinner at my momma’s. I made green bean casserole, a squash and two cheese casserole and brussel sprouts. For some reason I didn’t have much of an appetite though, what a bad day to not be hungry! WE are hosting Christmas dinner for my family at our house and I can’t wait! Decorating is already underway!
SO SO much to be thankful for this year, every year and every day. I am one blessed lady and I am very very happy.
Thank you to you all for tuning in! Tips for holiday shopping, just keep your lists on you at all times to refer to, coupons and catalogs in your handbag and your peppers peeled! You will find things when you aren’t looking for them! Hit up your local thrift stores for holiday decor items. I found these lovely pine cone bouquets, three of them, for $3 each at an ARC, and I found Christmas light strands still in the boxes, and working (always test in store first). Also, you know those $5 and $10 gift cards you get in the mail for Kohl’s? Well they are real! Use them! I used it on this cute Santa night light for the kitchen, and didn’t have to pay a single penny more. Also, subscribe to e-mail newsletters and lists. I personally glance at Mile High on the Cheap once a day, as they tell you about free days around town, free movie passes, and store closures. I unfortunately did not make it out Saturday to the boutiques or local shops for Small Business Saturday, but I don’t reserve that for one day a year, but rather try to do what I can when and where I can to support them. How about you? Did you make it out to Small Business Saturday? I would love to hear your thoughts on all this! Comment!

Movin’ on up with a Madewell!

August 6, 2012

The super adorable, quirkier, younger sister line of J.Crew has FINALLY posted up in CO! The first Madewell shop to come to Colorado opened in Park Meadows last week! Nestled in a cute space, not coincidentally, across from J. Crew, the Madewell in Colorado was merchandised to perfection- with the occasional vintage camera and Ball jar filled with vintage thread spools mixed in of course! I was immediately greeted by a team of smiley, mini Jenna Lyons’ lookalikes! For those of who aren’t aware, Jenna Jyons is the head designer/creative director at J. Crew, and yes, there’s a cult following, moment happening. Wearing thick eyeglass frames, polka dotted and wearing brogues, the girls were adorable as they were helpful! It could have been a mixture of opening week jitters, or perhaps too many girls on the floor, but they were super attentive- to say the least. I wanted to try on everything! A cobalt blue, pleated, knee length skirt, a gorgeous coral and navy striped knit sweater with elbow patches and their incredibly soft tees were all a fashion bloggers’ delight! In fact, one such Madewell girl, Lenay, is indeed a blogger as well! Her cute blog, Whim & Fancy, has art, photography, events and design! Did I mention the entire back room solely devoted to “Chambray” button downs?! Neatly piled stacks of the classic essential top in cotton candy hues lined the back wall and begged to be tried on. I wasn’t up for destroying the pile, but I ended up trying one very special piece and taking it home with me. Hopefully it will debut itself on the blog soon! I highly encourage you to head to Park Meadows and take a look see yourself! I guarantee you will be wishing for fall, and a back-to-school budget like old times!

That’s Lenay of Whim and Fancy on the right!

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