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Shane Co., ‘One Block East’… You Know the Ads but Have You Been In?

October 30, 2013

DSC_0094Ann Taylor wool coat, thrifted cream blouse, thrifted Oscar de la Renta scarf, thrifted tan leather purse, Hudson jeans and Ninew West clogs.

I have to be honest, I am JUST now entering the territory of purchasing “nice” jewelry.  Could be the amount of birthdays I have accumulated, could be the birth of a daughter, marriage…but something is leading me to make wiser purchases when it comes to jewelry.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a walking billboard for costume jewelry, I LOVE the fast accessories by the cash wraps and it’s hard to pass the jewelry cases when I thrift, but REAL jewelry, REAL gold and gems are calling me lately.  When you see the prices of the fake stuff, you realize you can get an oz. of gold….So when I was invited to attend a fall event, Wine & Wishes at Shane Co. last Sunday, I stepped out of my comfort zone, staying in on a Sunday night and stepped up my jeans a notch with some glam vintage rhinestone earrings to get into the spirit of shopping “nice” jewelry.

FACT: I had not been in a Shane Co. before.  Will I be back after this event?  Definitely!  The staff was so incredibly warm and welcoming and happy to clean my rings and let me play dress up with diamond bangles they brought in especially for the event.  I had a glass of super tasty wine, if someone is reading this who went or worked, what is the name of it because the one with five grapes was SO GOOD!  The catering from Footers was also too good to pass.  Was I the only one walking around stuffing those shrimp and chicken skewers in my mouth?  I had such a great night, playing with jewelry.  That’s what jewelry should be about!  Icing on the cake, cherry on the top, the final touch…stop me… Yes, of course they have the one room with all the engagement rings and wedding bands, and right hand rings and push present type bling- they call it the “Bridal Jewelry,” but they also have a huge room, just as large all filled with “Fashion Jewelry.”  I divided my time between both rooms.  Looking for a belated push present…not to gift myself, but hubby could use some direction, and also looking at all the fun earrings and even REAL strands of pearls in the Fashion room.  EVERY girl should own a strand of REAL pearls.  Did you know you can get a set for $135?!  Might as well get the real ones that won’t chip and break!

I plan to make another trip back soon, next time with hubby.  They have two Colorado locations.  One in Westminster of I-25 and 104th, remember the radio commercials playing in your head now?  Or, one down south off Arapahoe Road in Centennial.  I didn’t realize they also have 22 locations nationwide!  I do know that whatever location  you visit, you won’t feel snubbed, or intimidated and you CAN and WILL find something in a multitude of price points.  I did ask about birthstone earrings possibly for my daughter and while they don’t have “baby jewelry” you can get stones in a very small cut and have the posts cut down.  I also learned that they do not carry semi precious stones, like her birth stone of Emerald, because they are too soft and can break.  Shane Co. offers a lifetime warranty on all of their pieces.

Here’s a few things that caught my eye at the party below.  Oh, and I was happily home and in my comfies just in time to catch my new fave show, The Good Wife.  How about you?  What’s your feelings on jewelry?  Ever visited a Shane Co.?

October 28 2013 020Every girl needs a pair of diamond studs, including moi!  On my wishlist!

October 28 2013 022Hmmm…which one is your fave?!

October 28 2013 025Sterling silver with gold plating.  These stunners are only $37!

October 28 2013 027Real pearls, $135 and square link necklace, (doubled up) $100

October 28 2013 026Rose quartz earrings, $110

October 28 2013 019Vintage looking band, $525


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