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Would You Call These “Mom” Jeans?

November 3, 2013

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Since becoming a momma, I can now fully “get” what they mean when they say “things change.”  Yes, you can still stay true to your aesthetic in most ways, and still have a distinct style or look, but if you’re truly being honest with yourself, and hands on with your babe, I mean, literally on the floor playing super man with your babe, then you understnad that super low rise jeans just won’t work.  Well, let me rephrase, super low rise jeans will inevitably show your crack if you at Gymboree class on the mats.  Super low rise jeans will show your thong if you bend over to fold down that stroller to get it in the back of your car.  Drawing a picture in your head now?  So, I would say my life is MORE active now than ever, what with all the bending and crouching and lifting and scooching… So, new denim was in order.

jeans 1

In comes the line Poetic Justice by Kalia Kirby.  (Angel voices and bells ring.)  I received my pair of Maya Basic Blue Midrise Skinny Jeans, just $42, on Friday and I ended up wearing them all weekend long!  Yesterday, the little fam and I headed downtown for Denver Arts Week.  We visited the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, both FREE entry for their “Museum Night.”  We stopped at Pinches Tacos for an order of street tacos to go before heading home.  I wore this pair of jeans with a Madewell tee, naot shoes and a thrifted corduroy blazer.  Today I had a coffee date and I ended up wearing the jeans again, this time with a silky tank from Anthropologie, another brown corduroy jacket and heels this time.  The length is PERFECT for a taller gal like me, and the rise around the waist, well, it also sat perfectly.  Super stretchy and comfy, they really feel awesome on a curvier frame like mine.

jeans 2jeans 4

So, call them what you might, speaking to you childless gals out there, but I felt stylish and sexy in these, but most importantly comfortable!  Definitely slowly replacing my denim with a higher rise and this was the perfect pair to get that transition started.  Did I mention they were less than $50?!  They have a HUGE selection of rinses and styles, and free returns.  Go ahead, try a pair!  or two or three at that price!  So what do you think?

Cheers to keeping the crack under wraps!

I was able to do an e-interview with the designer, Kalia Kirby, and here’s what she had to share with us about her denim!

Name/Age/Where were you born, the city you grew up in, and where do you live now?

Kalia Kirby /29/ Los Angeles/ Los Angeles

How/why/when did you decide to start a denim line?

The idea of Poetic Justice spawned from my struggle with denim that fit my shape as well as every other woman that  dealt with the same issue. I felt that there was a need for denim that fit well and that was comfortable as well as stylish.

What celebrity or famous person would you love to see rocking your line?

Oh my… so many… Alicia Keys, Jordan Sparks, Jennifer Hudson… this list goes on.

With so many denim lines already in the market place, you really must have had the desire to fill a niche you saw.  Talk to me a little bit about the nuts and bolts.  Where is your manufacturer?

Our Manufacturer is based in China but everything is styled in the states.

How many designers do you have working on the line or is it just you?

I take the lead on most of the designs but I work with one other designer.

Share with me about the quality…. Where is your fabric sourced?

The denim we use is light weight, soft to the touch, and has great recovery. It takes a lot of fabric sourcing to get the perfect denim so we look everywhere.

Talk to me about what your background is in.  What did you do before designing denim?

My background has always been in design.  I couldn’t get enough of design so I went and got a Masters of Fine Arts.  I started my career in Knits and Woven but I always knew I wanted to design denim.

Do you personally wear your own line?  If so, what styles?  What is your favorite pair and how do you wear it?

Oh yeah! I love the basic Maya Midrise, the Camo Skinny and the Tara Black/Gold Lizard Skinny.

If you aren’t in your own denim, what brand would we find you in?  What other designers of clothing, (dresses/tops/shoes) do you admire?

You would find me in Joes and Citizens, but when it comes to tops I’m open to all different styles, quality, and price.  When it comes to shoes I love Aldo, Pour La Victore, Lamb, and Sam Edelman.

If we were to peek into your closet, what would it look like?

I love to mix trends with classic pieces.  How many pairs of denim do you own? I own over 40 pairs of jeans. I have them organized by color : )

Are you a shoe or handbag collector?

It’s nothing like an amazing pair of shoes and a killer handbag so would most definitely say yes and yes.

Do you like prints or pattern or are you a monochromatic kind of girl?

I love color.  I try to wear colors that compliment my skin tone but monochromatic are classic so I dabble with both.

Do you plan to expand the line into other products?

We’ve actually started to produce jackets which should be available at the end of December.

How did you come up with the name for the line?

My team and I were just playing around with names for a few days.  We wanted something catchy and easy to remember.  From that process Poetic Justice was born.

Where can people purchase a pair?

Currently we are only being sold online at

Thanks so much for reading!  Let me know if you end up getting a pair!


Channel the Fall Flannel, Duluth Trading Co. Style

September 30, 2013


Hey Denverites!  Did you have any clue that we were trend spotted as a top flannel-wearing city?!  I had no idea until Duluth Trading Co. so kindly brought it to my attention.  You MUST check out their post about it on their “Whatchamablog.”  So clever!  That’s their graphic above!  As a Colorado native, you might find it unbelievable, or not, that up until this point, I did not have a flannel shirt in my wardrobe.  I am sure I have had them when I was younger.  In fact, reflecting on it now, I am pretty sure that in my adolescence I had taken over one of my dad’s that was so over size on me, and super thin from wear.  However, since I have spotted the flannel trend creeping up on the street style scene, see my Pinterest board on it here, I let the idea of sporting one again enter my mind and added a classic flannel shirt to my “To Get” note on the iPhone.  I can scratch that off my list now thanks to the generosity of Duluth Trading Co. with the perfect shape and weight, in the new Free Swingin’ Flannel.  Since it arrived on my doorstep Friday, I have worn it pretty much all weekend.  I thought it would be fun to show how I plan to wear my flannel a couple ways below.  I thought of a few more since this little photo sesh my hubby did this afternoon.  I thought three outfit changes were enough for today and so did baby.  I will add that I will most likely play with layering it under sweaters come winter, and play it lady like and buttoned up with a statement necklace or jewel collar, tucked into high waist slacks or skirt.  LOVING this as a light jacket right now, but also having fun using it as a punky, 90’s style accessory and knotting it around the waist.  I also took a trip to their website and discovered an even better flannel!  Check out their Women’s Long Sleeve Crosscut Flannel Tunic!  What look is your fave?

Oh, P.S. I had found that awesome little red lumber jack fleece flannel coat for babe on a thrifting jaunt a while back.  She got to sport it on a brisk morning last week to check out the new Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Denver!  Hers is by Osh Kosh, and you can’t see them, but it has elbow patches!

#1 Flannel Style

Fashion Accessory:  Vintage and thrifted black wool midi-length swing skirt, thrifted graphic tee, Jessica Simpson heels and Duluth Free Swingin’ Flannel in Carbon Blue tied around waist.


#2 Flannel Style

Shirted Loose and Long: Duluth Free Swingin’ Flannel in Carbon Blue, pleather leggings from Italy and black suede fringe booties from Nine West

f4f7f5#3 Flannel Style

Open Jacket: (Truthfully this is how I wore it Saturday watching hubby tend to the lawn, and probably the uniform way I will wear it most.) Thrifted Star Wars tee, Duluth Free Swingin’ Flannel in Carbon Blue, Tory Burch denim, J. Crew hat and Naot shoes.  On Remy: Tea leggings, Nui organics dress, and Peek…Aren’t You Curious Gemma cardigan. (P.S. Peek…Aren’t You Curious just opened a Denver location at Park Meadows mall and I am itching to get babe some new fall duds, but pocket book is clenched tight.  Check out the cuteness next time you’re at Park Meadows.  It’s by the Nordstrom E-Bar.)

f8.1f8f10_edited-1f11babe coat

*Gifted Duluth Free Swingin’ Flannel in Carbon Blue photographed throughout

The Sweet Stylist and Photographer Duo of Studio 9720 Raid My Closet and Dress Me Up

July 28, 2013

9720.1DenverFashionStyleGloriannaFashionFolioFiles9Tank by Adam Sikorski purchased at Fancy Tiger a couple years ago- BUT you can buy one on his BRANNY NEW SITE for $27 here!  Thrifted velvet blazer, Tory Burch jeans found on sale at Alicia Boutique in Cherry Creek last year, and shoes were an internet find.

Back in early July, the girls behind the blog Studio 9720 better known as Kelsey and Merida, stopped by my house for a little closet raid feature.  They pulled five looks from my closet, including accessories and shoes, and staged me in and around my house.  A fur coat and tea cup in July?  Why not?!  Black pleather leggings and boots in ninety-some degree heat?  Sure!  (Thanks ladies…)  It was an interesting morning juggling changing into five outfits and being photographed while handling and nursing a newborn.  Thanks for your patience ladies!  Seeing as I was just a few weeks postpartum at the time of the photos, I am able to look back on that day and these photos, with happiness and appreciation for my little bod that did a BIG thing, birth a baby and squeeze into my “old” clothes.  Merida managed to scope out all my locally designed garments for the shoot, or I pulled them for her giddily, can’t remember.  See all the looks Merida styled and their cute write up here.  Oh, and of course babe made an appearance too!   I mean…how could you not have at least one shot of THIS cute face!  (Photo above and below by Kelsey Bigelow)


Babe is wearing a white ruffle tank and pastel floral cotton pants by Wheat from Nest Boutique.

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