Base Coat Modern Nail Salon & Gallery: More than a polish.

October 4 2013 068

It really was a sunny fall afternoon when baby and I strolled over to 44th & Tennyson to try out a fabulous new, modern, and 99.9% all natural nail salon owned by cool mom-praneur Tran Wills.  (I just hate when a lot of articles start with, ‘It was a sunny morning.,..’ but in this case it was, it was!)

I HAD to try a mani at Base Coat Nail Salon to compare it to my previous experience with getting a mani at a high end salon in Cherry Creek.  One who usually opts for convenience of locale when choosing a place to polish, it really must be spectacular for me to drive and pay a slightly higher price for this service.    I wanted to give the “all natural” mani thing one more go.  I have to say that my experience with it the first time around, at a Cherry Creek North salon was a big waste of money, but Base Coat is completely different and I was seriously impressed.  No need to browse an i-pad here as the nail techs, if that’s what we call them professionally but I prefer nail pamperer, get to business right away grooming long cuticles and shaping nails and massaging in their specially formulated and branded “Moisture Milk” by another local company, R.L. Linden  & Co.  You can pick up a bottle of the EcoBeauty brand’s “Moisture Milk”, incredible for defense against this Colorado dry climate, at Base Coat.  They also have several other products available including a hand soak and a refreshing face mist.

October 4 2013 057

Although childcare services are not included in the super reasonable prices of a mani, I was fortunate enough, and SUPER thankful, that owner Tran was in the house that day to keep baby occupied long enough for mommy to get her mani.  Although, not quite long enough for mommy’s awesome black RGB polish with a black matte top coat finish by Chanel to dry.  Costs of being a mommy I guess.

October 4 2013 082

Owner Tran Wills

They have at least five brands of polish in a bevy of shades, all natural and minus the big, bad, five chemicals- formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, and camphor.  This makes a new, breast feeding mommy very happy!  That alone, is worth the trip across town, but don’t think that just because it’s focus is on eco and what we’re putting on our precious bods that fashion and style go out the window.  On the contrary!  Tran selects the trending shades by the season from each line she carries!  No half empty bottles all gummed up on the shelves here.  Happy to report, only the best, curated shades of pink and red here, not a wall full- whew!

October 4 2013 056

Back to what’s in a name.  It also happens to be a gallery.  When I was in a few weeks ago, local photographer Sara Ford’s work graced the sleek white walls, reinforcing my previous note that you most likely won’t be browsing your mobile device on your visit here.  Art work will rotate monthly, and yup, stop in on a first Friday along Tennyson.  This month they had $10 quick manis!  You just might also catch a local celeb!  When I was in, the owner of super cool bike shop Salvagetti was also in getting pampered.  Almost forgot to mention the shopping element!  Telling you, Base Coat has it all covered, right down to the fashion books and comfy couch by the window!  So each month, as the art rotates, so too will the clothing rack in the back.  Through the end of October you can catch the dresses by Tess Vigil, 50 Dresses.  There’s also a bit of jewelry by JLH Jewelry Designs.

October 4 2013 058

All tech is not lost, you book your appointment online- SO EASY, and convenient!  They automatically send reminders.  A saving grace for mommy brain!  Thinking it’s about time for me to book another right about now…If not for the incredibly long lasting manicure, but for the locally made chocolate by Ritual you get as a token of gratitude when you check out.  Also this month on Saturdays when you book, get a tarot card reading!  Sip on tea or champagne while you hear your reading.

Dates of Toes & Tarot event are Saturday, Oct 19th – 12p-5p, Sunday, Oct 20th – 12p-5p, and *Saturday, October 26th – 12p-5p bring the kids from 10am-2pm for Trick-Or-Treat on Tennyson Street. Between 38th & 45th Avenue. They will have fun stickers and temporary tattoos to give away!  Finally on Sunday, Oct. 27th – 12p-5p.

Book on-line today!

Oh and about that logo…XX…Roman numerals for ten fingers, ten toes…That Tran is so clever…

October 4 2013 054


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