Ugly Footwear

shoes 1

It would appear that I have purchased two entirely different pairs of shoes this summer and both are not your typical, “sexy” shoe.  Some might even call them, “ugly.”  The top pair is by a brand I had never heard of called Frog, and I found them on super sale at Blush on Larimer Square during their Sidewalk Sale back in July.  The Oliver Twist pair below was a random, fluke find at the recent Dress for Success sale, also at the end of July.  Both are incredibly COMFY too.  Don’t the heels look like a toss up between the traditional Candie’s and Dr. Scholl’s?!  Well that gray layer in there is like some sort of high tech power foam because you literally feel like you are walking on a spongey memory foam mattress or something.  The bottom pair is by Naot, a brand my dad used to purchase all the time when he was on his feet all the time, and very well known for comfort footwear as well.  Perhaps new motherhood has subconsciously led me to these shoes.  Oh, and not pictured, I recently purchased a pair of Converse and a pair of Superga sneakers both Ross scores.  Uh oh…maybe I do need to “sexy” it up…

shoes 2


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One Response to “Ugly Footwear”

  1. Luby Says:

    The chunky heels are very cute! That style has been really popular that past few spring/summer seasons, so good find!

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