The Sweet Stylist and Photographer Duo of Studio 9720 Raid My Closet and Dress Me Up

9720.1DenverFashionStyleGloriannaFashionFolioFiles9Tank by Adam Sikorski purchased at Fancy Tiger a couple years ago- BUT you can buy one on his BRANNY NEW SITE for $27 here!  Thrifted velvet blazer, Tory Burch jeans found on sale at Alicia Boutique in Cherry Creek last year, and shoes were an internet find.

Back in early July, the girls behind the blog Studio 9720 better known as Kelsey and Merida, stopped by my house for a little closet raid feature.  They pulled five looks from my closet, including accessories and shoes, and staged me in and around my house.  A fur coat and tea cup in July?  Why not?!  Black pleather leggings and boots in ninety-some degree heat?  Sure!  (Thanks ladies…)  It was an interesting morning juggling changing into five outfits and being photographed while handling and nursing a newborn.  Thanks for your patience ladies!  Seeing as I was just a few weeks postpartum at the time of the photos, I am able to look back on that day and these photos, with happiness and appreciation for my little bod that did a BIG thing, birth a baby and squeeze into my “old” clothes.  Merida managed to scope out all my locally designed garments for the shoot, or I pulled them for her giddily, can’t remember.  See all the looks Merida styled and their cute write up here.  Oh, and of course babe made an appearance too!   I mean…how could you not have at least one shot of THIS cute face!  (Photo above and below by Kelsey Bigelow)


Babe is wearing a white ruffle tank and pastel floral cotton pants by Wheat from Nest Boutique.


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