4th Annual Bring Your Own Bag Sale Brought to You By Dress for Success Denver


(Image via kevinwarnock.com, clothes photographed are from  D-Structure clothing boutique, 520 Haight Street, San Francisco, Aug 25, 2012- not representative of sale)

It’s here, it’s here!  Has it been four years already?  Dress for Success Denver hosts this HUGE sale once a year, this time it’s SATURDAY July 27th, 10 am-3 pm, where they have donations from numerous Denver area boutiques.  The proceeds from this sale will go towards purchasing plus sized suiting for women working towards entering the workforce, with help from the Dress for Success program.  I have gone to the sale the last two years, and I can definitely put my stamp of approval on it.  I have found incredible things!  A SEE by Chloe khaki dress, a pair of awesome black ankle boots by Elizabeth & James, black leather sandals by Matthew Bernson, two pairs of Current Elliott jeans, a Rachel Pally maxi dress….and other pieces I can’t remember off the top of my head right now.  Bottom line, boutique quality clothing, shoes and accessories for ridiculous prices.  Yes, as the title implies, bring your own bag for all your finds.  I would advise the following as well for the best in your sale experience:

1. Come early.  Each year, more and more boutiques are participating and the buzz gets louder so that means more fashion hungry gals shopping.  You want the best of the best and sizes and colors are random so be the first!  Grab your coffee and wait outside at 8:30 if you can!  Just sayin’…

2. Wear flats.  There will be a ton of shoes to try on  and you want to be able to slip them on and off.  Wear or bring a thin nylon sock if you can.

3. Wear a strapless bra and a blouse that is easy to take on and off.  Again, there will be dressing rooms and you will want to try everything on- there are no returns- so you may be in and out of the dressing are quite a bit.

4. Wear your hair comfy.  Trying on clothes will get your hair pretty gnarly if it’s down.

5. Come to the sale hydrated and full.  Nobody like shopping on an empty tank.  And bring a water bottle if you can.  I am serious!

6. Last, come with an open mind and a list of to-get items you are looking for to complete your wardrobe.  You may find that perfect plaid button down, but it could be in a size larger or smaller than you need. TRY IT ON.  Remember that this is not Nordstrom and there won’t be “another size” to bring you most times.  There are onesies of most things…  It is a fun, fun sale, and all for an amazing cause.  Guilt free shopping!

Good luck!  Would love to hear back on if you went and what deals you scored!!!!  P.S.  I have a friend on the inside, she volunteers to work the sale every year, and she mentioned that Steve Madden donated like 500 pairs of shoes!  If you’re wondering how good of a sale it could be…think like 80-90% off…or $175 shoes for $5.  I am not joking.

Where: Djuna Furniture at 899 Broadway, Denver (Southeast corner of 8th & Broadway)

Full list of participating boutiques this year:

A-Line Boutique, Apricot Lane, Babydoes,  Bella A Boutique, Bellezza, Birds and Belles Boutique, Dinea Boutique, Eccentricity, Eve, Funky Finds Boutique, Gracie’s, Haley’s Heart, Inspyre, Irresistibles, Lawrence Covell, Lovely, Marie James Dress Shop, Steve Madden, True Love Shoes, Two Sole Sisters.


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