Warby Parker #ClassTrip Bussin’ it Through Denver

wp co sign_edited-1

Warby Parker, the Toms Shoes of prescription glasses (Buy a Pair, Give a Pair), has packed up a big yellow school bus of their frames and headed across the U.S. on a #classtrip!  All the way from NYC, the traveling spectacle made its way into Denver July 12th!  Currently, you can shop the mobile Warby Parker bus here in Denver parked at 16th & Wazee Street until August 4th.  You can buy a pair for just $95, and really that buys 2 pairs-one is donated to those in need.  Warby Parker just hit 500,000 pairs of glasses distributed this summer!  Shoppable hours are 11:00 am- 7:00 pm Wednesday-Sunday.  Don’t miss it!  The little family and I made a fun day trip out of it when they were parked on 15th and Platte.  We shopped the shades, snapped pics in their fun photo booth, then popped over to Proto’s Pizza for lunch.  I had a delicious and fresh Caesar salad, and hubby had a yummy personal pizza with pesto.  Then before the sprinkles came, we strolled over to REI to look around, campers and outdoors men we are not, grabbed an iced coffee at the Starbucks and people watched on their patio.  Baby even wore her shades to the launch party!  I have my eyes on the “Mabel,” by Warby Parker…just a little something different.

wp bus old

WP Evelynwp insidewp sunnieswp gray wallwp hubbyWP saladwp baby


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