What to Buy from Old Navy Right Now: A Styling Event Hosted by Yours Truly

Celebrity Stylist and Coldwater Creek Style Consultant Cristina Ehrlich Visits the Manhattan StoreBrad Goreski styling Old Navy

Hello!!!  So who isn’t a fan of Old Navy?  Their prices and on-trend design team make it easily accessible and you would be hard pressed to find a closet out there that doesn’t have at least ONE piece of Old Navy in it (or know someone who does).  I especially love their baby clothes!  I am so excited to share with you all that this Friday, July 19 from 6-8 pm, I get to play stylist, like Brad Goreski there above, and be hosting a fun styling event at the Old Navy at Orchard Town Center in Westminster, Colorado.

Having worked the dressing rooms before (Nordstrom, Diesel, Anthropology, Abercrombie & Fitch), I can safely say I am confident in my ability to find the pickiest person at least one piece they love, and look great in.  I have always worked retail with this notion in mind:  put someone in clothing that will flatter their figure (no matter their size) and something they feel confident and happy about.  If you don’t do this and just try to push a sale, trust me, they will go home and get honest feedback from their mother, sister or friend and bring it right back.  Really listening to customers and their needs and then trying to find what they are looking for is a challenge that has always peaked my interest.  So, if you love the tribal print trend but aren’t sure how to wear it or what to get, come see me!  Think that skinny jeans are only for size twos, come see me!  I am excited to interact with shoppers and REALLY, truly, help them find something they feel thrilled to take home and WEAR!  I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and sweeping my hair back to get right into styling customers and friends of Fashion Folio.  I would love to see, meet and play dress up with you all this Friday so pencil me in!

When:  Friday, July 19th 6-8 pm

Where: Old Navy, Orchard Town Center, 14521 ORCHARD PARKWAY, WESTMINSTER, CO  80023  (303) 255-1198


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2 Responses to “What to Buy from Old Navy Right Now: A Styling Event Hosted by Yours Truly”

  1. Dani Says:

    That is so cool Glo! Take lots of photos, can’t wait to see you styling! You are the BEST at putting fun outfits together. Xoxo

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