“What to Wear, Where” Series: Art Museum Visit

art 1

I recently purchased a fun fashion book, “What to Wear, Where” by the talented ladies of the successful fashion site, WhoWhatWear.com.  Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power take the reader through how-to’s on dressing for different occasions; finally examples of  “festive cocktail” attire, and thank you for affirming that short skirts are a no-no at game nights and sporting events.  They also dish on dressing for the elements; Coloradans listen up- invest in a loose fitting cashmere beret to keep warm and avoid hat hair.

My thirst for fashion has come back since having a baby, and this book has come as fun inspiration and excellent light reading for those late night breast feedings sessions.  I am working hard towards shedding the baby weight, but until then, trying to gracefully go through the body transformations, yet again, and working with my pre-existing wardrobe.  I am trying to avoid spending on new pieces unless absolutely necessary,  or they are my pre-baby size and can work now as well as later.  One exception- shoes, bags and accessories as that has nothing to do with my girth.  I thought I would take this rejuvenated fashion energy and funnel it into a fun blog series of my own What to Wear, Where series using my real life experiences and wardrobe.

First up, a visit to an art museum.  Friday night my little family decided to check out the Denver Art Museum’s Untitled series.  I have been meaning to attend one of these events, and ironically am just now getting out to see what it is.  Every last Friday of the month the Denver Art Museum (DAM), stays open late and has fun events, music, food and entertainment.  We happened to hit this one dead on the nail with the, Untitled #58, (Getup).   They tied this one into the Spun exhibit, all about textiles (a fashion girl’s dream) and we happened to see the Nick Cave, Sojourn exhibit- his “Sound Suits” are a MUST see!  INCREDIBLE!  I scanned the brochure of the night’s lineup and local designer, and friend, Mona Lucero happened to be showcasing some of her designs on the fourth floor!  Turns out, my former boss, Susan Jantzen, the manager of Diesel in Cherry Creek, happened to be doing a lecture on denim and led a tour to one of the first pair of Levi jeans on display at the DAM.  Who knew a random, last minute decision to head downtown could end so well?!  We ended the evening with complimentary nibbles on the second floor, where I bumped into Cleo Parker Robinson at the buffet,  (I used to dance at Cleo’s way back in the day for a short time.)

art close_edited-1

So here are my suggestions for an art museum or gallery visit outfit:

Wear something slightly different, and a little outside your comfort zone.  Avoid jeans, unless you’re wearing heels and an unusual top or blazer.  I agree with Kerr and Power when they suggest experimenting with your fashion choices when attending an art show or exhibit.  Now’s the time to play!  Having just given birth 6 weeks ago, and only having about ten minutes to pull myself together this particular evening, more so because the hubby hates waiting for me than the fact that I have a baby, I pulled the hair up into a messy ponytail.  No time to touch up the makeup, but again, agree with the WWW ladies when they say lean towards light, natural makeup and avoid heavy dark eyes or caked on foundation.  Museum lighting can be scary!   I was happy to discover my Lela Rose skirt fit!  I purchased this lovely at a Dress for Success “Bring Your Own Bag” sale a couple summers ago.  Speaking of, their annual BYOB sale is going down July 27th at Djuna downtown again.  On the top, I managed to squeeze my new mommy chest into a jersey tee with lace top from Ann Taylor.  The chartreuse top tied into the trim on the skirt.  Usually I am not so matchy matchy, but I felt it worked.  I finished the look with gold hoops, bangles and some studded sandals by Steve Madden scored at Ross the other day, and a fabulous vintage Gucci belt from the 70’s that I somehow found while thrifting a couple weeks ago!  For art museums, galleries and shows, I personally like to look a little more polished, a la curator, and a little less sloppy, i.e. art student.

art braceletsart toes

art walking_edited-1art family

I highly suggest you check out the DAM exhibits going on now, especially the Nick Cave, Sojourn!  You won’t be sorry!



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2 Responses to ““What to Wear, Where” Series: Art Museum Visit”

  1. Dani Says:

    Glo, you ALWAYS look so beautiful! I can’t wait to devour more ‘what to wear’!

    • gschinagl Says:

      You are so very sweet! Thanks for your support and can’t wait for you to meet Remy soon! Throw out another date!

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