Flashback to February

Maternity Photos 2.

Time flies when you are bosom deep with a newborn feeding round the clock!  Our little love arrived May 18, 2013 and we couldn’t feel more blessed.  A month old already!  She has a BIG, little personality peeking through and it’s true what a friend once told me, “It’s harder than you think, and better than you think.”

Back in February, hubby and I had a day of photo snapping to capture the bump.  We were so fortunate to have such blissful, sunny weather in February!  A good friend of ours works for Waste Farmers in Wheatridge, and suggested it for the location, and what a backdrop it turned out to be!  I tried to play with wardrobe and theme, making sure to have some modern clothing and looks, as well as a touch of quirk, I live for quirk, and found some vintage pajamas for the mister and vintage nighties for momma at an adorable shop called Night and Day Vintage  downtown.  The master photographers behind the lenses who managed to make my troubled skin look flawless and my prominent nose look a little less so that day were the husband wife duo, Anna and Aaron of Newell-Jones and Jones photography!  THE sweetest couple, with patience of saints and, well, just look at their photographic eye!  We were so SO pleased with the results and felt they captured the mood of maternity impeccably.  The nervous energy, joy and happiness of carrying and waiting for this baby mirrored the sweet turned up corners of our mouths and twinkle in our eyes.  Flipping through these photos on her one month mark brings back all the great memories of having our baby girl safely tucked inside.

***All photos by Newell Jones +Jones Photography and copyrighted.  You do not have permission to use, copy or share these photos without my permission.

Maternity Photos 1Maternity Photos-plantsMaternity Photos 4Maternity Photos-green laughterMaternity Photos green seriousMaternity Photos-cactusMaternity Photos shovelMaternity Photos-seriousMaternity Photos pinkMaternity Photos-feet


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One Response to “Flashback to February”

  1. Nissa Says:

    Awe, so fun! I love the photo’s – they’re great inspiration.

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