35 Weeks: Polka Dots and Rolling my Ankle

35 Weeks close_edited-1

This past Thursday we had our 35 week check up!  Can’t believe how fast it all went and we are literally in the waiting period now.  I decided to “dress up” for the doc visit and put on this polka dot skirt from Target.  I find that for doctor visits when you need to put jelly goop on your tummy and may or may not need an exam, skirts and dresses are by far the way to go.  The wedges, while cute, proved to be an impractical choice of footwear.  I wore them all day, including to walk around Park Meadows, wherein I rolled my left ankle, lifting the right one to scratch!  I have super bendy ligaments (probably from ballet and gymnastics) so it didn’t hurt at the time, but tender today.  I have rolled my ankles in these shoes before…should have been my clue not to wear them preggo!  Duh!  A basic white tee from Ross, a thrifted brass bead necklace with Stella & Dot “Gigi Studs” finished the Friday ensemble.

My weekend was spent doing a little baby laundry, prepping my hospital bag, putting batteries in the bouncy chair and getting necessities at Walmart.  Friday night we had a delicious dinner!  The mister and I went downtown to Mongolian BBQ.  As we were waiting around the grill for our bowls to be cooked up, a guy standing next to my husband gestured down at his bowl, and/or my stomach, and said, “Baby’s eating good tonight!”  Why yes, yes she did…

35 weeks crossed_edited-135 weeks dark_edited-1



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One Response to “35 Weeks: Polka Dots and Rolling my Ankle”

  1. tessdressed Says:

    Looking good Glo! Love this look.

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