34 Weeks: Babymoons are Overrated

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What is a “Babymoon?”  Well, it turns out they are hyped up, last trips you take with your partner before the little bundle comes, and you’re supposed to “live it up” or “enjoy it while you can,” because supposedly you will never, EVER, be alone or travel again.  Well, that is what I gathered a “babymoon” to be via all these books, magazine articles, blog posts and banter amongst friends.  Turns out, mine was a #fail.

We decided to take a road trip to the mountains rather than spending tons on airfare, we could use that for hospital bills right, and I had decided on Aspen because I wanted to see it and had never been, even considering I am a Colorado native.  Skiers we are not.   “Mountain people,” as my hubby calls it, we are not.  Anyhow, I was hoping for a nice, romantic 2 day getaway in the crisp mountain air.  Perhaps a flake or two, cozy hot cocoas on strolls and maybe a fireplace warmup.  Wrong!  When we arrived in Aspen, it was warmer there than it was in Denver!  In the sixties!  There went the cozy.

Our hotel was nice and comfortable, but the town was D.E.A.D.  We wanted peace and quiet, not a ghost town!  All of the shops were outrageously expensive, which I knew ahead of time they would be, but seriously, we actually saw a $50 Dora the Explorer tank top in the Boogies boutique!  The restaurants were pretty much the same.  This was definitely not the destination for a budget conscious couple expecting a baby!  What was I thinking?!  I admit I made a mistake.  Should we have gone to Pueblo, or maybe even stopped at Glenwood Springs?

The first day was truly fun!  I mean, we were in Aspen for goodness sake!  We explored the town, had some gelato cones at Paradise, and we spontaneously bought tickets for some live music at local venue Belly Up.  We had a perfect seat ion the house, and literally put our feet up, had good food and listened to great tunes (not anything we would have downloaded) but listening to music live, any genre, just does something to the soul.  I AM glad we did this together before baby.  Day two was another story…

We didn’t just head for the hills for a babymoon, but also to celebrate our second year anniversary and my 30th birthday.  Perhaps it was the hormones, but my emotions got the best of me and I was a moody mess come April 4th.  Up and down, I was experiencing major mood swings and I sadly managed to ruin pretty much the entire day.  I know this is supposed to be happy, lovey dovey news, right?  I know!  That’s why I am sharing with you!  Sometimes blog worthy news isn’t “fabulous” or “amazing.”  Sometimes bloggers have bad days and ruin trips.  I made my husband miserable.  I feel HORRIBLE just thinking about it!  I spent a lot of time napping in the hotel, the exhaustion has officially set in and the energy I had the entire pregnancy has slowly been deflating from my ever INFLATING bod.

I felt completely exhausted up there, and HEAVY.  We did manage to salvage the evening somewhat.  I have to admit I was still in a funk but I tried my damnedest for my poor hubby.  We headed to Snowmass Village, to the Viceroy.  A gorgeous, trendy hotel with a lot more people watching than in town, we headed there for some dessert that they were known for.  The hostess wouldn’t seat us in the dining area.  She said the kitchen was closing in 20 minutes and it was only 8:30!  So, we didn’t even get to have a nice birthday dinner.  We sat in the lounge and hacked through a chewy, tough, peanut butter something or other.  It was not our idea of a to-die-for dessert as all the articles and waitress had made it seem.  Again we tried to save the evening.  We headed back into downtown Aspen and hit up Ryno’s Pies and Pints so hubby could at least enjoy another beer before his preggo wife had to turn in.   Even though I was super ready for bed, I tried to make it a while longer.   I really did enjoy watching my handsome guy on that snow mobile simulation game, and we played Pac Man together for the first time ever, and I lost horribly to him at fuse-ball.  Memories were made, albeit my sour puss face.

What I learned about myself, my relationship and what really matters most:

1. Babymoons were probably concocted by the tourist industry.  Definitely a scheme to get your money before the baby does.

2. Persons who have a baby on board have no business in a ski town at 34 weeks preggo.  Even the small, brisk walks through the town had me winded, and the higher elevation, even higher than that of Denver, made the baby sit lower on my bladder and I felt the urge to pee with every step.  Exhaustion and emotions hit me hard this week, and I unfortunately and embarrassingly took it out on my poor, adoring, loving husband.  Definitely not what anyone wants to do on a babymoon!

3. Babymoons put unnecessary pressure on you and your partner to “have fun” when you very well may have been doing it all along, as we were.  A babymoon to me is a  Saturday we had a couple weeks ago when we took a day trip downtown.  We took the Light Rail,  had a slice of Anthony’s Pizza and strolled the 16th Street Mall.  Or, a lazy Sunday morning watching “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” (hubby had never seen it), drinking tea, and cuddled up on the sofa after a big pancake breakfast.  Now THOSE, those are babymoon moments that I am soaking in before this baby comes.  No buzz word needed.  Time with your partner.  Quality time, doing what you love to do, and always have, that is what is worth every second leading up to a big change like adding a family member.  It’s also these things that we will CONTINUE to do, well after baby is in the picture.  When you love someone, you don’t need an excuse, a fancy name, or an exclusive destination to show it, because whatever you two were doing in the first place to get to this point of creating a little life together is more than enough.  Last, my husband was patient, more than any normal person should have been in that situation.  He is loving, selfless, humble, and would give me the world if he had it in his pocket.  He surprised me with a sweet gift card to Cos Bar because he remembered me saying I wanted to go in when we passed by it.  The gorgeous man I love more than anything told me he went into Prada intending to get me a gift certificate but didn’t realize a dress cost $5,000.  This. Makes. My. Heart. Melt.

So, did you take a babymoon?  Do you plan to?  I might suggest you take it in your second trimester.  🙂


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3 Responses to “34 Weeks: Babymoons are Overrated”

  1. krystal Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you rbabymoon was not the best time. However, I love that you were able to reflect from the experience and take in what you did! I wanted to take one, but time snuck up on us. We’ve taken a “family” trip with the little one, but we too enjoy our quality time within our simple lives.

  2. tessdressed Says:

    Sorry to hear! I loved reading your honest account. Glenwood Springs is amazing- maybe when the babe is old enough to splash in the pools!

  3. What Are Your Thoughts on "Babymoons"? | And Then We Saved Says:

    […] I say we’re going on an “unofficial” Babymoon because it just so happens that I’m pregnant and in the recommended 2nd trimester babymoon timeframe then that we were like planning a trip for the sole purpose of getting away before the baby gets here. (I really liked reading this post by Glorianna about her Babymoon) […]

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