30 Weeks and a Prairie Skirt

white close up

Two outfit posts in a row?!  Look out world, it’s sunny and warm in Denver!  The calm before the storm we are supposed to get Saturday I guess… Got a late start on the day today.  Starting to get more sleepy… uh oh…here comes the final stretch!  I ran to the P.O. to mail out another Rolypolyz order (my vintage baby clothing Etsy shoo)- wohoo!  Also did some returns at Target, tried the new Hazelnut Macchiato at Starbucks (a tall, and boy was it flavorlicious!)  and then I got to meet another friend’s new baby!  I love to meet with my new mommy friends to hear all of their unique birth stories, nursing tales, joys and challenges of first time motherhood.  They are all SO different, no two stories are alike, but I really do enjoy soaking up their experiences and of course seeing all the newbies and their googly eyes!  I wore a long prairie skirt from the Bar III line at Macy’s, Merona ankle cowboy boots from a swap, a white tank under a white peasant top from H&M, AND the best part is… no coat!  Oh wait, another best part?!  That there turban/headband thingy on my head!  A dear friend made that for me!  The talent around me….I swear.  I am really excited for the Paper Fashion Show tomorrow night, just hope the weather doesn’t completely stink.  Now what to wear for that?!  Hope you all had a beautiful Thursday!  What are your weekend plans?

white full lengthwhite belly



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2 Responses to “30 Weeks and a Prairie Skirt”

  1. joumana Says:

    Paper fashion show calls for an origami hat…lol. or u can settle with a zoobi necklace 😉

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