Snow Day:American Apparel and Sorel

me full length

Snow!  I love it!  I may not thoroughly enjoy it as far as snow sports go, I have boarded a half dozen times but don’t really find it all that great, but I do enjoy getting bundled up and getting out in it.  I would miss my coats, jackets, cozies and hats too much if I were to live somewhere warm!  Hubby and I had a couple errands to run this afternoon at Target and Ikea- yup, go ahead and say what you’re thinking, “They are such burb people.”  I am not too cool to admit it.  Hey, if the guy can tolerate these two places, for 30 minutes max at each mind you, I’ll take it!  Lamp shopping is all we were after today, but there were some awesome sneaker wedges at Target and I did see the Prabal Gurung for Target shoes while hubby scored a pair of brown loafers for $10.  And good news to report from doc yesterday, no cold or flu infection, just needed a little nasal spray.  Whew!  Stuffy but better!  How about you?!  Have you caught the cold?  Do you like to get out in this snow?

P.S. No belt above or below the bump and loving the figure hugging look best.

I’m wearing: Green cotton stretch dress by American Apparel, gray wool leggings, vintage cape, leopard beanie from Aldo Accessories a couple years ago, Sorel boots (last years’ Christmas gift from my guy), a vintage patent leather box purse with Lucite handle purchased from Regal Vintage many years ago, and a vintage sterling silver beaded necklace from my late grandma.  Gray tech gloves (you can still use your smart phone) scored at Dillard’s after New Year.

me close face

me side smile

me purse

me boots


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4 Responses to “Snow Day:American Apparel and Sorel”

  1. joumana Says:

    You look super cute!

    • gschinagl Says:

      Oh thanks Jou Jou…I am trying to stay somewhat cute! LOL! Having fun though- with this temporary and blessing of a figure… 🙂

  2. Dani Says:

    Gah!!! You are just the cutest!!! Love the American Apparel dress, the color is gorgeous on you!

    • gschinagl Says:

      Oh hey Dani friend! Thanks so much! I love that green too- really drawn to shades of green lately! And I am not sure about the cutest, but I am doing what I can to feel my best when I step out. 🙂 Hope you and the boys are good!

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