Prepping for the Little Miss Part Four and Final


So, as I mentioned in my last post regarding prepping for the Little Miss, I have had plenty of time to investigate, research, tweak and edit a baby registry, which they recommend starting on at 12 weeks for this very reason, changes.  That said, I had created this fourth collage a while ago, along with the first three.  I have since found my chic tote/diaper bag, although it is not the MARC by Marc Jacobs version (Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby from Nordstrom) photographed above.  I would love to dry my little babe off after a bath in an adorable animal hooded towel, but since scouting this monkey from 3 Sprouts above, I discovered “Gloria the Goldfish” from a line called Zoocchini.  They have a lot of other cute options too, the Ziggy the Zebra being a close second!  I still very much want to, and plan to make my own baby food and like the idea of this machine called the Beaba Babycook (available at Target and many retailers.)  That fancy schmancy baby wrap you see above, no it’s not a Moby wrap, is actually a Wrap by Solly Baby.  I am on the fence about this.  They seem so complicated for one, and secondly, I am not sure I want my child to get used to being strapped to mommy, literally.  Thoughts?  I have it in mind, but I am also looking into an ERGObaby Carrier as well, which I have been hearing great things about.  I would like something to put Little Miss in for walks and trips when I want to be hands free (I hear they are useful for grocery shopping), but I am not really sure.  Perhaps we’ll wait to see if SHE likes a carrier before investing in one!  The purple knit ombre blankie above is from Land of Nod and I love the color palette and thickness.  I need a heavier baby blanket for next winter/fall.  After looking up the Zodiac calendar and cross referencing it with my due date, I have realized she will most likely be a Taurus, not a Gemini, or maybe she’ll be late, but this tells me that I definitely do NOT want anything with her “sign” on it until post birth!  Never know…. Which brings me to my next point, I really dislike anything monogrammed or embroidered with names.  How do you feel about that?

No, we have yet to pick a name- this my friends is the hardest thing about bringing a child into the world- naming them!  Even if we did decide on a single name, we probably won’t share it to the world until she is here- once again, what if she comes out looking much more of a Scarlet than a Lizzy?  (Two names we thought of but nixed.)  Last, the striped sheet by Dwell Studio, great modern and minimalist designs, won’t be necessary as I have already found my bedding from Land of Nod (on sale).  You don’t need much by way of “Crib Bedding Sets” these days anyhow, as they recommend avoiding bumpers, blankets and pillows until they are able to roll to avoid suffocation.  I never liked the matchy-matchy sets with quilts and shams and valances myself so I found a couple crib sheets, a crib skirt and a diaper changing pad cover that coordinated.  After I purchased this purple sheet with elephants from Land of Nod, I was surprised to see it in the baby aisles of Target!  A complete knock off I tell ‘ya!  The quality is different I am sure, and the color of the Land of Nod version is much deeper and more saturated than Target’s but still…come on guys.  That said, I wouldn’t mind having a more affordable sheet, or two or three, as back up for blowouts so on the registry spare fitted crib sheets will go!  Last but not least, the humidifier.  Dun, dun, dun….Well it isn’t a dreaded item, but I did ask a couple of Mommy groups what they thought of registering for one and it was unanimously a yes.  Being in DRY Colorado, they swear by them.  I have read and heard that it is better to get a COOL humidifier to avoid the mold issue.  I keep reading great reviews on the Crane options, above, and the cute animal versions sort of seals the deal.  I saw this froggy at Burlington Coat Factory a couple weeks ago, but he’s also at Target and other retailers.

So that’s it folks!  I know I will be tweaking, purchasing and deleting items as I approach the BIG DAY, but I hope in my sharing a little bit of shopping for Little Miss with you it possibly helped you with yours.  Do you have any recommendations for me?  What’s a total waste of cash?  What can’t YOU and your babe live without?  I know every baby is different, mine will be no exception, but it is always nice to hear recommendations!  Glad to have finally purchased the car seat, went with the Graco SnugRide 30 which holds up to 30 pounds, light as a feather sans baby and gets high reviews from all the safety folks, not to mention fits our Mutsy stroller which we already had a Graco adapter for.  Now we are slowly ticking away at all the little necessities (boy can they add up!)   I am entering this last trimester feeling prepared and relaxed!  Next up- maternity photos Saturday and baby prep classes in March and April!  We are getting pretty excited over here!

P.S.  Little Miss moves around when I shop for her online….uh oh….


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4 Responses to “Prepping for the Little Miss Part Four and Final”

  1. Em K Says:

    You are way ahead of me! I’m 33 weeks and only did my registry a week and a half ago! I liked this post, I hadn’t heard of the site land of nod before and now I’m thinking of ordering some crib sheets from there.

    I’m not into baby wraps – to me they seem like theyd be a hassle.

    • gschinagl Says:

      I am a super planner. I am prepared mentally for all my “planning” to go out the window once I have a little one, but until then….Good luck with your pregnancy!

  2. tessdressed Says:

    You have it all covered!! Can’t wait to meet her.

    • gschinagl Says:

      Oh Tessy….I hope so! As long as I can be a hyper planner and in control…I will try! Once baby comes- it all goes to pot I’m sure!

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