28 Weeks: Belted Below the Belly

green dress stand edit

This past weekend I finally caught the cold that has been going around.  I managed to escape it from my hubby a couple weeks ago, but I think it was just a matter of time.  So this weekend was pretty much spent holed up.  I did make it out for some fresh air on a couple outings; to a friend’s trunk show in Lodo, a baby shower and my mother in law’s for dinner, but other than that, I made a nice warm dent in my bed.  Yesterday it hit me the hardest, so I decided a doc appointment was in order; being 7 months preggo I didn’t want to take any chances of an infection and green tea, water and rest weren’t cutting it.  So this is what I managed to put together for a day of errands, and a trip to the doc.  Ironically, I am wearing a dress that sort of reminded me of medical scrubs.  I debated about whether or not I should get it for this silly similarity, but here I am wearing it!  It’s RACHEL Rachel Roy from Macy’s.  I found it late Friday night at Park Meadows and used a small gift card balance I had.  You won’t believe the price!  Originally it was $89.00, but they had a screaming Presidents’ Day sale and I scored it for $17.80.  It’s definitely a resort/summer piece, the fabric is a dry-fit weave and it has a rope circle neckline, but paired with a black blazer and leggings, I made it work for what turned out to be a blustery winter February day!  (Don’t worry, I had a heavier winter coat on immediately after these photos.)  This is what I love about fashion- while the magazines and runway shows are always a season or two ahead,  they are showing Autumn/Winter 2013 now, my wardrobe, our wardrobes rather, truly are without a season label, especially here in Colorado!  I sort of am liking the belt below the belly better than above.  What do you think?  Tomorrow I am 28 weeks, which to people who have never been through this life changing experience is about 7 months along, and the start of the third and final trimester!  Wohoo!  Feeling amazing and truly enjoying every bit of this experience- heart burn and all.    Did you find any good deals out there in retail land over Presidents’ Day weekend?

green dress smile editgreen dress stairs edit



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2 Responses to “28 Weeks: Belted Below the Belly”

  1. tessdressed Says:

    Looking good girl! Love this!

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