27 Weeks: Belted Above the Belly


I feel like this pregnancy is zipping by!  I had good intentions of elaborate maternity style inspired by Russian fashion darlings Natasha Goldenberg (above) or Miroslava Duma (below) or model turned stylist Marina Munozsee all my Bump Icons on Pinterest, but let’s face it, I didn’t start out 100 lbs., and second, I don’t have access to custom bump couture.  I have put some creative things together, more along the lines of another belly icon, the quirky Brit, Fearne Cotton, and surprisingly most all of it from pieces I owned pre-preggo.  I am starting to think that it’s a bad thing that my wardrobe fits an almost third trimester bump!  Unfortunately, not having my camera man available, or getting ready earlier enough to plan to take pictures before heading out the door has been tricky lately, so sharing what I have been putting together has been sorely lacking, but not for trying!  I can’t imagine how long it is going to take me to get ready post baby, and I know I’ll have more fun dressing her than myself which may turn into something.  I plan to do a closet overhaul later…but keeping pretty much EVERYTHING I own for the time being.  I also used to think how great it was that I’d be going through winter pregnant and not have to deal with the summer heat, but now I am not so sure…Light, airy dresses, maxi dresses, tanks…they all seem so much easier than pants and winter weather coverage… but I’m counting my blessings because I can run around without a jacket if I heat up.

md 1

md 2

md 3

md 4

Tonight I had to take hubby to the airport and decided to get “dressed” for the occasion.  I’ll admit I was caught in public by a friend at Cherry Creek Mall this afternoon wearing Nike leggings, a Fila zip up and Toms post yoga this morning!  So getting “dressed” for me today happened at 4:00 pm.  I can’t decide how I feel about the belt above the belly thing.  I feel like going skin tight, and wearing bump hugging gear is better for me.  This look is super baby doll and makes me look bigger now that I am evaluating photos.  Thoughts?  Miroslava has a belt above her bump above, but perhaps I need a longer length and something more form fitting for it to work.  I feel like my ribs have expanded so much…I feel like the belt makes me look like the barrel man!

I Wore:  Green anorak by Jolt, scored at Dillard’s at their New Year’s Day sale for $20, and coincidentally also wearing a chambray dress I scored at the same sale for $6.  Brown fleece lined tights, so comfy, from TJ Maxx, forget brand. Mossimo boots scored at a clothing swap (they are rubber heeled and plastic- but super comfy) Vintage Fedora I have had forever. Exclusive Flea Bags canvas tote from this summer.  Baby necklace by Lucky Me Beads purchased at a craft fair about 4 years ago, and poem on rock pendant by Zoobi designs.  Brown leather belt from Abercrombie & Fitch circa 1999 when I worked there- an oldie but a goodie!

hat 1

hat 2

27 standing bag

27 sideways smile


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2 Responses to “27 Weeks: Belted Above the Belly”

  1. Jessica Mill Says:

    Ugh, she is so chic! That denim dress and camel coat = amazeballs!!!

  2. tessdressed Says:


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