Push Pin Your Town: Golden Triangle’s Night & Day Vintage

n storefront

I wanted to get this out this past Saturday, but it just didn’t happen.  I am taking full advantage of sleeping in until noon while I can!  After a late lunch/early dinner at Rubios, love their fish tacos, and a screening of Identity Theft, HILARIOUS, the blog post sort of didn’t happen.  So here it is just, in time to give you some Valentine’s Day gift ideas…

A couple weekends ago I had a selfie date.  I headed downtown for the Denver Art Museum’s free day sponsored by Target.  I love this little area where culture meets community.  There’s the Denver Public Library and Denver Art Museum side by side and the new Denver Court House where I said, “I do,” and then  there is one of my favorite coffee shops, Rooster Moon.  On Broadway, bordering the triangle, you have the fancy  Djuna furniture store, and Tony’s Market, where I used to spend a fortune on ingredients for A meal when I lived nearby.  Blocks into the angular hunk of Denver proper you have the renowned restaurant Cuba Cuba, STILL on my to-go list, nestled in next to PBS and Denver Health offices.  Posh residence lofts fill in here and there, and retail is slowly popping up.  I have to say that I was a little unimpressed with my trip to the DAM.  It is unfortunate that they host a Free Saturday when there are no shows up to be seen.  I saw a couple pieces that belong to the DAM, but sadly nothing new.

This was a neat piece from an African artist made of unraveled liquor bottle tops.

February 6 2013 324

This guy’s sweater complimented the art wouldn’t you say?!

February 6 2013 328

I had some time left on my meter so I decided to stroll around the block and see a shop I had passed when trying to find parking.  Night & Day Vintage was what I ran into and I was glad to have stumbled upon it.  April marks their one year anniversary!  A very sunny and warm February Saturday, shed the most beautiful natural light on all the treasures inside.  Shop owners Amy and Anna were most helpful and attentive, not to mention crafty!  They make several items sold in the shop including clutches made from vintage table cloths.  Along with the well loved, they carry numerous local designers and new items as well.  The quirky mens’ ties with animals sewn on are by a local, Coat Check Girl ties, $34 each.  There was also a very earthy jewelry line, very Pamela Love-esque, near the cash wrap by another local, Jessica Thomas of Crow Jane Jewelry, and very reasonably priced!  Little pendants by Lani Robertson of Objects of Affection caught my eye sitting in a little muffin tin.  If you have a small foot- size 6 or 7- they have a great selection of vintage shoes, and really awesome boots by American label Zodiac!  Lacey nighties, gloves, old school metal lunch boxes you’d see on scaffolding- there really is something for everyone in here.

n shop

Ties Up-Cycled and sewn by local- Coat Check Girl- $34 each

n ties

Local artist Lani Robertson of Objects of Affection makes unique pendants.

n muffin tin

n globe wall

n sheets

Vintage Boots by Zodiac- $42 and $45

n boots

n envelope clutches

LOVED this jewelry by local Jessica Thomas of Crow Jane Jewelry

n Crow Jane

n lunch boxes

n nighties

These are made by the owners from vintage table cloths!

n clutches from table cloths

n brooches

n gloves

So, did your Valentine just get a new place?  Get them a vintage set of shot glasses that can’t be find anywhere else!  Instead of chocolates, give a vintage rhinestone brooch or envelope clutch that will last much longer!  Does your Valentine have a new job?  Give him his first lunch in a vintage box with a handwritten love note!  Much better to give your sweetie something unique and thoughtful than something you clearly picked up at the grocery store on the way home.  As for me, I did not buy hubby a Valentine gift from here, but I did put thought into it don’t you worry.  I did however find a few things to add to my wishlist, and maybe I can share that with him!  So are you ready for the big HEART day?!  What do you plan on giving your sweetie?!


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One Response to “Push Pin Your Town: Golden Triangle’s Night & Day Vintage”

  1. Amy Says:

    Thanks for the lovely review of the shop! I love your Valentines and various gift ideas! My favorite was the lunch box one with a note! Your photos were fun too! It’s people like you that make what we do so fun!

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