Prepping For the Little Miss Part Three…AND UPDATES

WARNING***  The following blog post contains all things baby.  Feel free to read on if you care to, or pas it on to expecting moms.  Feel free to check back with me when I have another post up that suits your fancy!

So, I created an imaginary registry some weeks ago.  Well, truth be known, I have been obsessing over what I will NEED, what is PRACTICAL, and what to NIX, in preparing for this baby, pretty much since before conception.  I am a hyper planner, and since the nursery was done at 7 weeks, and the stroller was purchased at 12, I have had time to research, read, re-read, re-research, browse books, blogs, mommy boards and actually speak to new moms about what should be on a baby registry.  I have since tweaked, added, deleted or adjusted my opinion on a lot of items.  We have also decided it is smarter to borrow a couple things, and scale back on others and adventure into lower price point categories, without compromising quality.  Recessionista with a baby on board!

Here was my third prepared post from a few weeks ago, and after the collage, see my notes.


Left to Right: IKEA BLAMES High Chair/Gerber white onesie 5 pack/Baby’s First Books by Sassy/Skip Hop Zebra Bib/ Skip Hop Hide and Peek Lamb Toy/ Chicco Echos Stroller/Taggies Bugs and Hugs Play Gym/ Prince Lionheart bebe Pod seat

What I learned and have updated since my first three posts on prepping for baby (including the post above) First post and second post.

1. Swing and Bassinet: It is okay to borrow certain gear as you do not know what your wee one will like.  I have a bouncer already, so I have decided to borrow a swing rather than buy a new one.  Instead of buying the mini bassinet, I have decided to borrow a pack-n-play with the bassinet feature on top.  I am VERY fortunate to have family that has generously offered to loan these to me.  That’s two larger ticket items that we can save on.  Whew!

2. High Chair:  We have since purchased a high chair, and therefore will not be getting the version shown above, the BLAMES Highchair from Ikea ($59.99).  K-Mart was closing near our home and we randomly found it on a hard aisle with a few pieces of other random baby gear.  It is the Safety 1st Adap Table in Baybreeze, as seen here, and we scored it for $32.  It is adjustable for height, will hold a baby to a toddler, reclines, and folds away for storage.  Removable seat covers for washing and an easily removable tray.  I was reading in Baby Bargains, the latest 9th edition today (a great source by the way) that they had only scored this at a C.  They seemed pretty harsh in all the high chair ratings so I take it with a grain of salt.  I still rather like the design of the high chair above, from Ikea, but it does not have nearly as many features, costs more, and didn’t receive a great rating either.

3. Car Seat: I have decided to skip the expensive car seat, the European Maxi Cosi, again was wanting it based on design, and have chosen a much more affordable, $99 (including base) and practical Graco Snugride 30.  Turns out 38% of parents have this version.  My stroller already came with an adapter for the Graco car seat, so it seems silly to have to buy another adapter for the Maxi Cosi.  it comes highly rated in crash and safety testings, and is super light weight.  I took my stroller and adapter into Target with hubby last week and we practiced releasing the Graco from the base and securing onto the stroller frame, super easy, only requiring one hand to release, and you can use the other to lift the handle.  Much simpler than what I was reading about the Maxi Cosi ($189.99) and Chicco Key Fit ($189.99) and both almost twice as much.  Tonight we visited Burlington Coat Factory and practiced carrying the Graco again and compared the SnugRide 30 to the regular SnugRide, and the 30 version is indeed lighter weight.  I would have loved to have found one with a black base and black frame, but it seems they mostly come in silver or tan bases, and rare cases black.  I have decided to scrap color for cost and convenience.

4. Bath Tubs:  I still am interested in the Puj tub as well as the Boon, although I don’t think I want both necessarily.  The Puj is nice for when baby is little and can be bathed in the sink, but that won’t be very long considering the size of my sinks that the Puj would go in.  Then there is the Boon which is nice because it supposedly reclines and best of all, or why it appealed to me, it collapses and hangs for easy drying and storage.  BUT, I have since seen and read about another version, a bath ring, that baby can use when able to sit up.  Why is choosing a bathing option for baby so tough!  Still confused on this, so any tips would be helpful.  Bathing with hubby in shower is not an option, or convenient for anyone (but I read about a woman who did this) and I don’t really want to be holding baby up the entire time with both hands and trying to wash and rinse without the support of any tub.  I like the idea of space saving, and do not want a large plastic object….

5. Bath Accessories: Instead of the Skip Hop brush/comb set which is $19.99 and only available online, while cute, I have decided it is much more practical and cost efficient to get the Safety 1st option, available in stores for only $3.49.  Instead of the Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Toys, ($10) and only available online, which I had planned to get for rinsing baby and soapy toddler hair, I found these interesting cups by Hoppop, the Triplo in Lime, at Tuesday Morning a few months ago randomly and think they will work just the same.  The last thing any new parent, speaking for myself, needs is more clutter, and more junk and more plastic than necessary, especially in the bathroom!  I still do want a bath kneeler.

6. Toys/Extras: I still have some cutesie toys, things that I have found around the web wishlisted.  It isn’t every day you see adorable knit food rattles like the ones spotted at Land of Nod!  I think it is okay to have some frivolous extras as suggestions for family and friends so they have an idea of your taste.  I still would love a bracelet or necklace by Chewbeads for myself!  This may be something I have to treat myself too, but again, sometimes it’s nice to have NICE things on your list too- you know, alongside the nipple cream and panty liners for goodness sakes!

7. Tummy Time:  I still think the version above is adorable!  I also like this one….I like that it has black and white on it.  Babies don’t see in color for a few months so dimension in black and white is nice.  I have looked at a lot of these and I think it is wise to stay below $50 on such a purchase.  They all seem about the same, just depends on your preference for sea or farm animals, colors, etc.  Some by Fisher Price, and pricier versions have lights and sound when baby kicks feet on it, but all I can think is…something else that needs MORE batteries!  Opting for a portable, cloth version.

8. Light Weight Stroller:  I still really like the Chicco Echo option above, available online through Target, and it’s reasonably priced.  Good quality that will be sturdy enough to pass on.  BUT, I recently spotted the Quinny Zapp Xtra at Burlington Coat Factory.  Again, another random find.  I swear I have an eagle eye for baby stuff.  You ALWAYS have to be on the lookout!  Usually priced at, $299.99, this easy to maneuver, modern version of the umbrella stroller is a whopping 43% cheaper at Burlington, at $169.99!

9. Bibs:  Depends on the baby is what I have been reading.  Don’t get the ones that tie or snap, velcro is best- easy for mom to put on quickly.  The washable sort with the crumb pocket seems practical.  When they start solids, the bigger and more wipeable, the better.  The cutesie little “drool” bibs as they are called are supposedly a wast of money.  The bib above, while cute, and happens to be another Skip Hop product, suits all the aforementioned criteria.

10. Skipping: Wipe warmer.  Every thing I have read on this says SKIP.  Waste of time and money.  Junior won’t always be in his nursery getting changed.  Video monitor.  We will be borrowing a monitor set, but honestly not sure how much or often we will use.  We keep hearing most parents don’t use them.  The $299.99 Motorola digital video option, while it seems popular and high tech, seems like a waste of money.  Hear crying?  Go in the room…

11. Debatable:  I was questioning the need for a humidifier recently, but it seems that, after reading, and receiving feedback from new moms, there is an overwhelming YES vote out on this item, especially here in dry Colroado.  Not only for the humidity factor, but for the white noise.  I have also read and heard to get the cool mist, versus warm.  The warm version not only breads bacteria, yuck, but the warm mist obviously warms the room, making it a risk factor for SIDS. (info from Baby Bargains.)  What about electric or microwaveable bottle and nipple sterilizers or bottle warmers?  I have opted to try both personally.  I plan to nurse, yes of course, but I also want hubby to be able to feed with a bottle.  I want it to be as easy and convenient for him as possible.  What good does it if I have to get up and warm the bottle up for him?  An easy press button version by Munchkin seems efficient and convenient.  much more so than warming up a pot of water when you are sleep deprived or nuking it in the microwave- a huge no-no as you can get nuclear heat pockets.  As for the sterilization issue.  Yes of course you have the baskets that go in the dishwasher, but thinking ahead, I can forsee my dishwasher being full and a crying baby who is hungry and I need a damn sterilized something to put on the bottle and go.  What if I only have baby items to sterilize and don’t need to run the whole dishwasher?  I think it is worth the investment on this.

***All of the above is my humble, naive opinion from the perspective of a first time mom.  Having that said, This may all fly out the window once I give birth, but I would like to think I am making educated and smart decisions ahead of time based on my own research.  It will be interesting to see how my thoughts might change after baby!  I would love to hear your feedback!


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One Response to “Prepping For the Little Miss Part Three…AND UPDATES”

  1. krystal Says:

    I was the same way on practicality. I’m currently borrowing a co-sleeper that sits in the bed and I swore I’d never allow baby in bed; easier to nurse when baby is right next to you! We bought a monitor on clearance that is still in the box. If my house was bigger and more sound proof, I might be using it. If she cries, I hear her. I think it will come in handy during warmer months when she’ll be napping while I work on the yard, play with the dog outside, and for bbqs and what not. After a few times of warming up milk for daddy to feed her, or hearing daddy complain about warming bottle with crying baby, I’m considering a bottle warmer.

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