I Like Stella & Dot: A LOT!

January 2013 013

Have you guys heard of Stella & Dot jewelry?!  Well, if not, you should take a peek!  Really fashion forward stuff that has caught the attention of Vogue magazine, celebs and those in the fashion-know.  Below are a few of my favorite pieces from the new Spring 2013 collection.  Some of the statement necklaces, a trend still going strong into Spring, have been featured in Vogue.  I also think it’s a great idea to have a cute stud earring in your jewelry case for those days when you want simplicity up top, and to pair with those bold necklaces.  A leather wrap bracelet is also something I’d put on your to-get list to mix in with your bangles and watch, or “arm party” wrist.  The prices are really reasonable for jewelry, but not only that, the quality is really smart.  I bought the Starstruck ring and Renegade Cluster bracelet, in gold, (both pieces $59) at a trunk show back in December and have been wearing both in pretty heavy rotation since!  What I love is how transparent the Stella & Dot line is.  Meaning, you can really mix in a piece of it with your existing collection or wear it alone and it doesn’t scream, I-am-a-jewelry-trunk-show-item.  Many people may be sporting S & D, but it’s how you wear yours that makes it special and unique.  So what’s your favorite Stella & Dot piece from the new collection?

sd delphie_1 sd den_bangle_1_1





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