Prepping for A Little Person

It would be very odd if my blog did not naturally flow into SOME talk of baby type stuff.  After all, there is a tiny person growing inside of me and will soon become my full time job.  So fashion aside, there are other things on my mind needless to say.  For example, wrapping my head around what exactly, and how much, extra crap I’ll need.  They say babies don’t need much, but boy does the baby market have first time parents fooled!  I am super thankful that we have very kind and generous friends and family who have taken the leap into parenthood before us and have been awesome enough to save their necessities and offer them to us for when the time comes.  So thankful for that!  It is very exciting though, when it’s your first, to see what there is out there in the market and decide for yourself and make some decisions too.  There seems to be new products every year, not to mention you have to be careful with all the recalls, and there are genius inventions, gadgets and gizmos to make parenting “easier.”  As time marches on, so does the look and design and functionality of baby products.  Some upgrades for the better, some classics can never be replaced, and some staples still relevant today.  I thought I would start surfing the net, read reviews and check the blogosphere for what I have in mind to register for baby girl.  Here’s part one of her registry wishlist.  From the practical, diaper sacks to politely dispose dirties while in public so as to be invited back, and a car seat, to the unnecessary, but cute, stuffed animals for the nursery.


From left to right: Purple striped beanie ($5) and jammies ($10) both by Zutano, available at Target/ Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat in Black ($189.99) available at numerous stores as seen here on Bassinet by Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Convertible Bassinet/Playard ($142.99) also available at Stuffed Hippo ($19.95) via Numeric Storage Bins for organization ($12.95 each) via The “Perry Necklace” by Chewbeads (also a teether for babe and completely safe and non-toxic) $36.50 and available locally at Nest Boutique/ Arm and Hammer diaper sacks and dispenser for on the go available on



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