21 Weeks…

red close

I am finally, definitely, positively showing now.  My tush and thighs have unfortunately grown too and I have a couple of pairs of jeans that just barely fit still, (super low rise or unbuttoned) but I am getting to the point of needing to invest in at least one decent pair of maternity jeans over here.  Thankfully I have been home, so sweats it is around the house, but I am getting restless and anxious to find interesting, creative work in my find.  That said, I still like to get out of the house and meet friends for coffee, shop, do errands, etc., so sweats will just not do.  I also feel so sloppy when I stay home in velour track pants.  That is definitely not sexy to come home to.  So I tried today by putting on patterned leggings and a boyfriend tee, with an open cardi and a cowl neck scarf.  Leggings were way too small and kept rolling down and the pattern was way over stretched on the leggings- eek, and yuck!  I have been doing pre-natal yoga on Fridays, not super regularly with the holidays, but back at it again.  I also want to start doing some water aerobics at Utah Park near my house to get these legs a movin’ again!  This is a challenge in the wardrobe department now to say the least, and I have a wedding to attend late January!  Hmmm…. Thankfully there is much maternity inspiration out there on the web from bloggers to celebs, fashion folk to everyday stylish women captured in street style pics.  It’s the budget that is tricky!  I was glad to be preggo in the cooler months, but now I am wondering if maxi dress weather wouldn’t have been easier.  Husband and I went to the Castle Rock Outlets this past weekend but by the time I got there, I just was NOT in the shopping mood.  So no scores to report.  Well, he found a pair of soccer cleats at the Adidas store, but I didn’t even have the energy or excitement to look at any stores so we left shortly after that.  Boo…That is an example of a Grade A hormonal mood swing right there…. but good news is they have subsided the last few weeks- thankfully for my poor, sweet loving hubby.

I wore my new red striped tunic from Gracie’s Unique Apparel, by Piko (not Poketo as previously said), thrifted tweed blazer, gray wool leggings, Diesel scarf and wedge sneakers from Love Culture.

red 1red coatred 1.1_edited-1



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8 Responses to “21 Weeks…”

  1. joumana Says:

    You still look great 😉 thanks for the 4 am read ….this is what you have to look forward to after the baby ..ha ha.

  2. marionberrystyle Says:

    Just look at that lil’ bump!!! So cute. And I love that you are having a girl…she is going to be one stylish lil’ mini-Glo 🙂
    xo – Marion

    • gschinagl Says:

      Well thanks sweet Marion! Hope I can manage to keep it all together as you have- looking like a maternity model over there at 9.5 months preggo!!! I can’t wait to see/hear/meet your new little man soon!!!!

  3. krystal Says:

    You look great! I wore nothing but leggings the last trimester. Old Navy (online) and Gap have affordable cute maternity leggings. I gotthe ones that sit below the bump,, and still plan on wearing them even after the baby. Congrats to you and your hubby, and family!

    • gschinagl Says:

      Holy cow! How did I miss you were pregnant?! Had a baby?! WHAT?! WHEN?! NAME?! I am so behind and I feel awful- CONGRATS to YOU!!!!! And thanks for the tips on maternity wear! E-mail me a proper update on what’s going on in your world!

  4. Dani Says:

    Oh Sweets! You look lovely as always!! There are all kinds of deals at Target, Liz Lange holiday maternity wear right now, with all your fab accessories you could make something look uber-stylish!

    • gschinagl Says:

      Thanks sweet friend….and I received that INCREDIBLE card and about burst! So lovely!!!! She has quite the collection of “Cards by Dani” in her nursery! I had a lovely gift card to a maternity store and went and put it towards a good pair of jeans. Thanks for the tip on Target! have to check it out!

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