Two Lines.

For some this title might hint at an entrance situation to a club (V.I.P., regular folk), or a description of a short act play, a game maybe with a loose theme of Last Comic Standing, but no. I mean the two little pink lines you get on an Early Response Test telling you your world is over. No, just kidding! Telling you your world is about to flip upside down! I happened to get this wonderful news on Labor Day, ironically. Hubby and I are thrilled. Truthfully, he showed more excitement and expressive behaviors of happiness than I when I first broke the news. I was more serene, calm, and shocked. I stared down at the stick, “Okaaayyy….” Of course I took the two other tests in the box that week, (and kept them all lined up on the counter for another week) and then confirmed it with a sonogram. There is no true “bump” yet, that’s me pushing out my stomach there, but I am looking forward to a style challenge. “Careful what you wish for,” is probably what mommies are saying in their heads right now. While I can’t control if I’ll be the woman who blows up and is forced to wear mumus in the third trimester, I mean I already have cankles to start with, I can tell you I am excited to get creative with my own wardrobe these next LONG few months, and VERY much looking forward to styling a mini cupcake come May. So there you have it. As the French say, “I am waiting for a child.”


5 Responses to “Two Lines.”

  1. Dani Says:

    Cute! Pretty headband too! πŸ˜‰

  2. Marionberry Style Says:

    Eeeeekk!! So darn excited for you guys! And can we just agree that these photos are adorable?! I love this idea and you look so gosh darn beautiful (already have the glow πŸ™‚ )
    Big hug friend!
    xo – Marion

  3. annanewelljones Says:

    Aww!! What great news!! Big congrats to you & your husband!!

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