Pedals and Kabob

Last Sunday husband and I had a fun date day! We slept in, had a homemade pancake breakfast, napped afterwards (full tummies) and then decided to head downtown on the Light Rail to check out the USA Pro Challenge Bike Tour. Now the only thing we know about bikes involves cute bells, and Schwinn cruisers, but you know what? We had an awesome time! So exciting watching them zoom by at record speeds!

After practicing with the cam, and perusing around Civic Center Park, we decided to forgo festival food and go to one of our all time favorite Mediterranean food spots- Shish Kabob Grill! It’s on the corner of Colfax and Grant and looks super sketch, but I ASSURE you it is super clean, and it was our old neighborhood joint when we lived downtown. The owners are fellow Syrians! AMAZING food! LOVE the rice, and the kibeh, and the Beef Kabob plate…I’m salivating….

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend everyone! Hubby is playing soccer in California this weekend so I am a free bird! I plan to watch loads of Bravo, and E!, catch the labor day sales, run, do some homework, dinners and coffee dates with friends, visiting the Aspen Groves tomorrow morning for the Paris Flea Market, and checking out ArtCrank (“A poster party for bike people.”) tomorrow night in the TAXI area! Well, I’m off to get a much needed mani and pedi, haven’t been in months! Today was my last day at the office I worked at for three years!!! Here’s to changes, new beginnings and a successful future! What are you doing this weekend?!


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