Tess of the “No.1 Dress”

Now I KNOW I have blogged and shared about my friend Tess Vigil before. She’s the friend who left teaching to pursue a career of designing her own line, 50 Dresses. She is the one who recently moved back to Denver from L.A. and set up her studio in Walnut Workshops. Ringing any bells? I blogged about her here and here… Well we sat down for coffee and a sandwich at Crema Coffee House yesterday to catch up on things proper. It turns out, she’s been up to quite a lot.

First off, her AW/Fall 2012 collection is in production NOW! It will be available mid September. Where? Well, she has a website, her studio is in Denver and you could pay her a visit in person and try it on, or her dresses can also be found, drum roll please….at Blue Jeans Bar in Cherry Creek! The dresses below are from her fall line, and her first style ever produced, the No. 1 Dress, ($128), is going to be produced in a number of color combos. The No. 1 Dress was extremely popular and successful because it fits so well on a multitude of female figures. Tess designed the No. 1 Dress with the notion that there should be this dress, one dress, in every woman’s closet that is as versatile as her lifestyle. Tess stated that, “Wearable and comfort,” in that order, were her number two inspiration points for the classic No. 1 Dress which features tank sleeves, shoulder pleating and a pencil skirt. Wear it conservatively with a cardigan or blazer to work, church, dinner with the in-laws, and lose the sleeves for after dinner cocktails or an art gallery opening party. Tess “gets” that most women are seasonless and don’t switch out their closets as often as fashion glossies might suggest we do. This No. 1 Dress fits the bill. You won’t find the color combos too trendy or iconic, again, so as not to scream, “Oh that was from Fall of 2012.” Smart!

Tess also just finished a very cool commissioned piece for her neighbors at Walnut Workshops, Facadesign Architecture Products. The fabric was super luxe, made of fibers from copper and stainless steel! Tess sketched out several designs and the owner decided on one look for the final dress to be worn, by the owner, at a major architecture convention hosted here in Denver June of 2013!

If that’s not enough, Miss Tess’ dresses were pulled for editorial shots in the June/July issue of the L.A. based glossy, Zooey, whose motto is, “Chic never looked so powerful.” We couldn’t have said it better! Zooey is an independent magazine and is widely circulated around Los Angeles, but can also be picked up here in Colorado at Barnes and Noble news stands!

If you would like to meet Tess, try on a dress, buy a dress, commission a piece, collaborate, chit chat or have a drink, you are in luck! Every second Saturday of the month, her studio at Walnut Workshops and the RiNo area in Denver host an open house! Come by and pay her a visit, it’s FREE, from 7-10 pm. She will be selling her Spring/Summer collection dresses at a discount.


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2 Responses to “Tess of the “No.1 Dress””

  1. Dannell Says:

    I love, love the No. 1 dress with the black and white polka dot top, so cute!

  2. Fashion Folio Interview/fun coffee times | 50 Dresses by Tess Vigil Says:

    […] I am in the railroad stripe dress  for this interview. Check it out! New Fall dress photos in the interview… more to come soon, […]

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