Back to School

I’ve missed you blog! I have been busy attending to…LIFE! After all, I am a married lady, and I do have three siblings, all in Colorado, and my hubby has three siblings, all in Colorado, and between us we have SEVEN nieces! So that means, dinners, holidays, birthdays and TIME. My husband reminded me that he would like a hot cooked meal- OOPS! So I got a swift kick in the cooking rear and have been hanging out in the kitchie a tad bit more. Our brother gave us a belated house warming gift, a grill!!!, which meant husband HAD to put it together immediately…urgh…which caused some scuffles. My plan, wait three days until I was mentally prepared to tackle Lego like construction with my husband, his plan, do it NOW are you crazy?! Let me tell you that for me, transition from single girl to wife is, well, a transition! Some do it faster than others, some “get” it, some are born with it, and others, like myself, have to learn what it means to be a wife. I am working on what that role means to me, to my husband and what he expects of me and what I am capable of doing and achieving, understanding how it works well for MY husband and in MY life and how I can still juggle my LAST semester of school, (yeah you heard me right,) blogging (hence the hiatus), starting a career (new source of income), reading, exercising, cleaning house, enjoying thrifting and window shopping, entertaining in our new home AND all the other STUFF! Time management, life balance, whether you have a baby or not, is tough! If I plan on having a baby some day, we better get this shit figured out now, I’d say!
So this Monday, I started back at CU Denver for my final semester! I am SOOOOOO ready to graduate and begin a new chapter. That doesn’t mean I haven’t already started flipping ahead to that chapter now… I began PR consulting and social media consultancy work last year and finally committed to printing a proper business card. So, I am for hire! (hint, hint, hint)

Husband and I rode our bikes to Menchie’s for froyo last week, and I put circus animal cookies on top which I’ve never done before, so I’m chalking that up as a testament to the mood it put me in to enjoy a summer night ride with my love! We took a trip to Wally World, (a.k.a., Walmart), to exchange our grill (first one had a dent in the lid and we noticed after a day of headaches partially putting it together. Can these manual writers learn “front” and “back” already?!?!? I mean, I took a technical writing course and had to write an entire instruction manual, a minimum of 24 steps, with graphics, on how to put something together, and I am pretty sure I could work in China with the thing I turned out.) I digress.

So this semester I am going in with a new attitude. Maybe it’s because I am almost done, but I am going in with the mentality of a professional, because I am one damn it! So, I am mirroring my wardrobe with my tude and kicking it up a notch. I always dressed nice for school, never one to wear sweats or Uggs, and rarely even jeans, but this time, I really want to maximize my networking on lunch breaks and after classes, so that means a little more polish and a flash of style with a hint of “I’m-a-young-publicist-please-hire-me” sprinkled on top.

I am very excited for fall, but very much enjoy the sound of crickets outside my open window right about now. Literally. They are chirping to my keys typing. I just wanted to drop a line and say I haven’t forgotten about you blog and just fill you all in so you know where I’ll be in any duration of absence- studying, spending time being a good wife, (NOT like that awful show with Juliana Marguiles) a better sister, daughter, friend and perhaps striving to be a healthier girl all around. I DO have some great posts coming down the pipe so look alive!

“Oh joy, Walmart!”

Peaches, Basil and Mozzarella summer app- YUM!

Hubby and I playing around with my new camera after school- this shot is creepy and WAY off but sorta cool

Outfit Deets for Above: Blouse from Marshalls/ Thrifted gold Spiegel skirt/ Franco Sarto Sandals from Ross in Florida/ Jeweled collar necklace from Macy’s
Oh yeah, and how do you like my painted gray wall there? That was a summer home project with the man of the house and super fun!

Today, I met up with colleagues from the telecommunications start up I worked at for three years. Sadly it comes to an end on August 31st as the office moved overseas, and I am not. So we are all moving or moving on. We met up downtown in Civi Center park for the food trucks they set up on Thursdays. I had amazing fruit stuff by Ba-nom-a-nom. I say fruit stuff because it’s not froyo, it’s not ice cream, it’s like Willy Wonka style fruit magic! Mmmm… but a bit pricey- $4.86 for a teeny dip.

Outfit Deets on Above: Thrifted pink silk blouse with shouldie pads/ Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans from the Dress for Success sale this year

And now for the Instagram pics I’ve been collecting…. I’m going to coin it as “Phogging” (iPhone Blogging)


So enough about me. What have you all been up to?!


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