Modern in Denver Party at Spire

A couple weeks ago I received a very nice invitation to a little summer party at the Spire building downtown, feting the summer issue of Modern in Denver Magazine. Since I am a fan of Crave Dessert Bar downstairs of Spire, I was very curious to see what the fancy residences looked like upstairs. “Views to impress,” is how I’d describe the condos if I were a sales person there. If I were in the market to purchase a downtown pad, I’d most likely be a single person, someone who doesn’t want to have to do yard work, someone wanting to be in the middle of all the action downtown…basically a version of myself circa 2007, but with a six digit salary! I would be lying if I told you I didn’t really imagine husband and I living in the two bedroom show loft on the 38th floor. Look how at home he is in that bottom photo for goodness sake! Also, the outdoor pool and deck area overlooking the Convention Center and the Denver Center for Performing Arts is something to see. Lounge chairs sit in a shallow pool- perfect for my type of “pool” day- tanning and a dip, but I could do without the hideous obstruction of the AT&T building directly west, blocking the mountain view on this level. Sigh… Maybe when we retire!



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