Movin’ on up with a Madewell!

The super adorable, quirkier, younger sister line of J.Crew has FINALLY posted up in CO! The first Madewell shop to come to Colorado opened in Park Meadows last week! Nestled in a cute space, not coincidentally, across from J. Crew, the Madewell in Colorado was merchandised to perfection- with the occasional vintage camera and Ball jar filled with vintage thread spools mixed in of course! I was immediately greeted by a team of smiley, mini Jenna Lyons’ lookalikes! For those of who aren’t aware, Jenna Jyons is the head designer/creative director at J. Crew, and yes, there’s a cult following, moment happening. Wearing thick eyeglass frames, polka dotted and wearing brogues, the girls were adorable as they were helpful! It could have been a mixture of opening week jitters, or perhaps too many girls on the floor, but they were super attentive- to say the least. I wanted to try on everything! A cobalt blue, pleated, knee length skirt, a gorgeous coral and navy striped knit sweater with elbow patches and their incredibly soft tees were all a fashion bloggers’ delight! In fact, one such Madewell girl, Lenay, is indeed a blogger as well! Her cute blog, Whim & Fancy, has art, photography, events and design! Did I mention the entire back room solely devoted to “Chambray” button downs?! Neatly piled stacks of the classic essential top in cotton candy hues lined the back wall and begged to be tried on. I wasn’t up for destroying the pile, but I ended up trying one very special piece and taking it home with me. Hopefully it will debut itself on the blog soon! I highly encourage you to head to Park Meadows and take a look see yourself! I guarantee you will be wishing for fall, and a back-to-school budget like old times!

That’s Lenay of Whim and Fancy on the right!


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One Response to “Movin’ on up with a Madewell!”

  1. Lenay Says:

    Love this post (and your blog of course)!! It was so wonderful to meet you and I can’t wait to run into you exploring more of the fun and fashion of Denver!

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