In a Suitcase for Seattle

I was very flattered when a friend asked me to help her pack for a 8 days in Seattle. Dannelle is always stylish and one of those moms you see on t.v. dropping off their kiddos with perfect hair, tan and toned legs and the perfect dab of effortless makeup ( a swipe of mascara and gloss is all this girl needs!) She is a gorgeous spirit inside and out, and she teaches herself everything from knitting to tiling the back splash on You Tube! Yup, she is one part Martha Stewart, one part (insert any fave celeb mom you like who manages to keep it cool, I’ll go with Katie Holmes.)

The packing challenge came with a couple curve balls. First of all, she had one suitcase that she had to share with her two sons (6 and 4), and second of all, I have never been to Seattle! It is at the top of my list to see! So, I started with a little research, as any good stylist would and should do. The Weather Channel was helpful on temps and humidity and I found some Seattle fashion blogs that I combed through to see what folks are wearing there in late July/early August. Looks like jeans and closed toes were still going strong! Oh, and I learned that umbrellas were a dead giveaway for tourists; locals duck in shops until it passes, so we did not pack any wellies or gear.

Here’s the blogs I found: It’s My Darlin’, 21Arrondissement, Glam Spoon, Emerald Closet (even found a summer vacation outfit post on here!), Hey Pretty Thing (the cutest girl ever!), Seattle a la Mode, You Look Fab and Lindsay Living. I even wrote Lindsay for some tips and she wrote back!

Here’s Lindsay’s thoughts on packing for Seattle:

*Pack light layers. It’s relatively warm and comfortable in Seattle right now, but an overcast summer day can end up a bit chilly. You’ll want cute summer dresses or skirts, but don’t forget to bring a pair of skinny jeans, jean jacket, and a light sweater to throw on in case it gets cold.
*Check the weather report! Our weather can be unpredictable, especially during the summer. It can get up to the 80s or settle down into the 60s within a week difference. You’ll want some sunglasses as well as a light jacket and possibly an umbrella. Locals never really carry umbrellas because the rain is light and usually clears up quickly, especially in summer. Having a hood is a good policy just in case.
*Seattle is a fairly casual city. You can flip through my blog, but my usual uniform is casual dresses with tights, long cardigan sweaters and heeled booties. During the summer I ditch the tights and booties for sandals or wedges. Summer scarves are a great way to add pizazz to a simple outfit.
*Bring a big bag. Seattle just passed a law banning plastic sacks from all retailers from grocers to shops downtown. Bring an oversized tote with you if you plan to shop around much or have some of those green shopping bags rolled up in your purse just in case. Most stores will charge you for a bag now, so it’s good to come prepared.
*Have fun! Seattle is the best city in the world (in my humble, well-travelled opinion…ha!) and a great laid-back vacation destination. Don’t spend all your time downtown! Get out and enjoy the many neighborhoods as there are so many to explore. My favorite is my neighborhood – Capitol Hill – for rockin’ bars and trendy restaurants. There’s also some great shopping, too.

I had already made my visit and helped Dannelle pack by the time I got this reply, and I can happily say, I was pretty spot on!

So here’s what we packed!

Shoes: Gold, metallic flat sandals, black flat sandals with studs on ankle, pink Converse sneakers, J. Crew straw espadrille sandals, tan open toe heeled booties, and one pair of heels for nights out on the town with her husband and in-laws. Shorts: a short twill, coral pair and a blue and white Ikat Bermuda short. Jeans: A pair of comfy worn, boot cut, blue jeans for chilly nights and last minute excursions like ice cream runs. A pair of white skinnies to dress up or down for barbeques or walking. A pair of leopard print skinny jeans. Tops: A cable knit zip sweater to wear as a light jacket, striped tees and tanks, solid white and gray tanks, a pale pink sequin tank, a red long sleeved blouse. Dresses: an orange maxi for the plane, a navy and gray striped dress, a Kelly green cotton sundress from Armani Exchange for brunches and shopping, a white lace dress for day trips, and a couple sexier numbers for date nights and dinners. Jacket: A denim jacket to go over everything.

I had a blast helping Dannelle with her outfits and it was fun to put looks together from her belongings that were new and fresh to her. Of course we had accessories to complete looks, and most bottoms and tops could be mixed and matched and worn multiple ways if the mood struck. Hope she has a great family trip and can’t wait to see photos and hear if what we packed worked!

Have you been to Seattle? What sorts of things did you or would you wear in the rainy city?!


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