I really do love me some vintage jewelry. Costume, heirloom, handed down, thrifted, even jewelery designed to look old. Fortune-ately Victoriana, which used to be located in Writer’s Square and now sits pretty on Larimer Square, has what my eyes want. Victoriana is one of those visits for me that is always at least a half hour of ogling. The owner’s grandson, also a jewelry designer and talented musician, used to work here and we’d bump into each other at the Market grabbing coffee. He has moved on to other things, but I still pop in the shop on occasion. I love to see the old wedding bands and think about who wore it, “’til death” they did part. I have seen gents with proposal on the mind stop in and shop for that perfect ring, and I always learn a little something new. On my last visit I spotted this Skeleton necklace. This is actually a new piece by jeweler Roy Rover. Ain’t he handsome though?! On one side his eyes are diamonds, (my birth stone how perfect!) and on the other, if you are in a naughty sort of mood, sport the ruby eyes. If he is still there at Victoriana, he’ll cost you a cool $1,125 bones, pun intended.

And how about this vintage hair piece?

And these cuffies…

This weekend is a fine time to visit Victoriana on Larimer Square- all the shops are having a big Sidewalk sale and peach event. Make a trip of it!


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