Macy’s Bar III Flea Recap

Back in June, uh boy I am behind, I had blogged about Macy’s Bar III Flea Market appearance at the Mile High Flea (previous post here). Well, I managed to convince the husband that it would be a great idea to go together and check it out. After all, we were in the market for a lawn mower.

Of course, by the time we get there and park, the dark skies rolled in, and the gusts pick up. I was frantically trying to find the Macy’s booth with their Bar III items before a tornado swept through the place. As we strolled down the aisles lined with blue glittery cowboy boots (no lie) and old ratty baby strollers (not Bugaboos), I couldn’t help but think that this was the completely wrong venue for such an event. The draw for me in driving a half hour and paying an entrance fee was meeting the bloggers of course, and seeing what this whole flea market tour event was all about. Oh, and the free Flea Bag with purchase! I heard about this canvas and leather tote line a few years ago, and knowing that one similar goes for $195 buckaroos online, I thought the flea market trip was worth it overall if I got my hands on one.

The Bloggers:
(Aimee Song of Song of Style on left, and Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What? on right)

And I bought these awful shades for $5 at the flea and after seeing me photographed in them will be tossing them in the garbage….

(I am wearing a F21 dress from last year, Rag and Bone oxfords and a Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend cross body bag. This is what I thought was a good flea market outfit, but the shoes rubbed blisters.)

After following tweets from the bloggers, Aimee Song of Song of Style and Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What, and Mile High Flea, I was able to find the booth. Boy oh boy did they have a set! The mannequins were styled and outfitted in Bar III for Macy’s, there were board partitions and a curtained off dressing area. Bins merchandised with Bar III accessories and rolling racks! They even had Bar III Home and Men’s pieces at the pop up booth.

My try-ons

Jake, from the PR house behind the event was such a sweetheart! He was funny and social and welcoming. The girls were off riding carnival rides when I arrived and they popped in and out as they did their blogger duties of sporting the line. Danielle came back to the booth with a dress she had scored down the way for $2. I was really hoping to scout out some rad flea finds myself, but unfortunately my whole time was spent at the Macy’s booth.


Cute Helper in Bar III of course

Danielle trying on the Bar III anorak which we all loved

Bloggers holding babies

Cashing out (Both ladies wearing Bar III)

While I tried on Bar III pieces, the gusts really came in, tearing down rolling racks of clothes. I decided on a summer dress and was ringing it out on the iPad as Jake and the team were scrambling to cover the merchandise and protect it from raindrops. Welcome to Colorado! I assured then that if they wait 5 minutes, the weather would cooperate. With my new Macy’s dress ordered, (they ordered your items online and shipped later) and my limited edition Flea Bag nestled under my arm, we made a beeline for the car and joined the traffic leaving Mile High Flea.

In retrospect, I feel that a better venue for this sort of event would have been the Paris Flea Market at Aspen Groves off Santa Fe and Mineral. In fact, the once a month Paris Street Market Flea happened to fall on the same Saturday as the Bar III event. Had the PR team called on a local blogger for suggestions ahead of time, they would have found that the Paris Flea at Aspen Groves would have been a much better fit, attracting more fashiony peeps. A suggestion might be that they have one touring blogger, and one local blogger in each place they visited, attracting more customers and interest in that geographic area they toured, but what do I know…

Here’s the bag that made it all worth it:

And because I didn’t get my flea market hunt in, I went thrifting later that day and scored a white fur chubby and a plaid, Ralph Lauren Blazer (both were half off!)

My movie-going outfit later that night. We saw Men in Black 3. A day full of tres.



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One Response to “Macy’s Bar III Flea Recap”

  1. rachel garcia Says:

    That plaid blazer is saweeeeet!

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