Denver Fashion Girls

Looking back through my photos over the last couple of months I noticed a theme, I gravitate towards Denver girls with style wherever I go and I have no hesitation in waltzing right up to them and asking to snap their pic. I am no Bill Cunningham, great documentary btw, I caught it on Netflix over my vacation last week in Florida- recommend it, but I would like to start sharing these style mavens with you all for a bit of street style inspo. So without further ado, here’s the fist installation of Denver Fashion Girls. Can’t tell you how consistent or frequent it will be, but here goes.

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Here’s a cutie I saw at Backcountry Provisions, an awesome sandwich place that happens to serve up my favorite coffee by Novo. I spotted her while I was waiting for my lunch date. Hr shorts were H&M and purse is Tory Burch.

This fresh face was working at Wordshop, my favorite stationary store, in the Highlands the day of the Highlands Square festival. She’s as poetic as those cards don’t you think?! I borrowed her scarf idea in Florida!

This beauty stood out at an art event recently. Her choice in bold color pairings over shadowed the fact that she was also confidently rocking a bald head.


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