Da Loot-a from Djuna: Dress for Success Sale Recap

You can probably tell by now, third posting in one day, that I am digging my way out of blog post pile up. A couple weeks ago was the Dress for Success sale at Djuna Furniture, that I had warned you to check out by posting on here.
I did not take my own advice: I forgot my own bag, did not wear or bring a pair of heels, and I wore a silk dress that could not have been any hotter. Regardless of my what I wore to the sale, I am happy to report that I came out of the sale with several items that completely made up for my sweaty neck I endured while battling the throngs of women and the lack of pumping A/C.

The details and little extras that went into the sale event this year as opposed to what I saw last year at their headquarters was drastic. Refreshing mixed drinks were flowing, thanks to sponsor Little Black Dress Vodka, and there was a beautiful spread of food, even though I was too busy shopping to taste. The turn out was incredible and the VIP night was reported to have raised quite a bit of dough!

The Djuna atmosphere

I had planned on picking up quite a few finds and after hours of deliberation, trying on, surveying opinions, I ended up getting a great scarf for $5, a pair of Elizabeth & James ankle boots for $75 (original retail price was $395!!!), two pairs of Current/Elliott jeans, a baggy boyfriend pair and a classic bootcut, for $30 each (the boyfriend pair is online at Nordstrom for $206!!!) a long eggplant jersey dress by L.A. designer, Rachel Pally, (a similar version on her site is selling for $229), a beaded top that had a tag on it for $75, but I got for $15, and a pair of leather sandals by Matt Bernson for $5 which had a sticker price of #170!!! Let’s just say the total came out less, WAY LESS, than the retail price of what those Elizabeth & James boots were going for. Most of the items I scooped up were from the lovely ladies at A.Line Boutique, which was recently named as the best boutique in Colorado by Elle Magazine!!!! Woopty Woot!!! (Everything except the jeans and the scarf were A.Line pieces).

After my retail high, the ladies from A.Line and I headed across the street for a late dinner and drinks at Charcoal in the Golden Triangle. We had a perfect patio seat and really enjoyed the mussels. What a night!
Did you go? What did you scoop up? Also, I had never been in Djuna before this event, and I would definitely make a trip in here if you are in the market for interior decor! I love those white porcelain heads!


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One Response to “Da Loot-a from Djuna: Dress for Success Sale Recap”

  1. Debby Acker Howard Says:

    WOW! Looks like some great items were available. I will plan to attend next year.

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