Rebecca Minkoff Sale Score

I am always so envious of those sample sale flashes that pop up around NYC and L.A. It’s not fair, it’s not fair! Rebecca Minkoff, the NYC handbag designer made famous by her “Morning After Bag,” did not forget us stragglers in other zips this time around. After she held her blow out NYC sample sale a couple weeks ago, she also added an online sale. So I was super happy when pay day came just in time to catch the last few hours of the week-long online sale. I opted for two of her more affordable bags rather than one that I had originally been eyeing. I went online via my phone during my commute in the morning to scope it out and think about it and then before I left work, I pulled the trigger on this small basket clutch with neon yellow clasp and chain handle and this awesome canvas tote in black and white stripes. Being the planner that I am, I was thinking that these were great additions for my handbag collection overall, great for summer, even better for my upcoming trip to Indialantic, Florida next week, and….thinking WAY ahead for the future, I thought the canvas tote was a wise investment for a chic diaper tote. I mean, maybe not for newborns who go through ten nappies a day, but it is definitely roomie enough for a diaper or two, necessities and a change of clothes for a wee one. Just thinking out loud… For now though, I am happy to use it as my carry on purse for the plane. Perfect size for a magazine or two, a bottle of water (apres security of course), gum, my jewelry that I’ll bring and the rest of my essentials for flying. Perhaps there’s a post there. I was also very fortunate that a colleague had brought in his very nice Pentax camera last Friday, the day these beauties arrived in the mail at the office, and he was willing to snap these pics of me with my new Minkoffs. What a guy…

I happened to be wearing the perfect neutral toned dress that day! this dress is from J. Crew from at least 5 years ago, and the shoes are from Forever 21 last year.


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