A Dress for Success Event That is SURE to Give You Your BEST Sale Story Yet!

…at least it did for me when I went to it last year…

Dress for Success, if you don’t know already, is a great organization that, quoting from their website, is a “Non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women in over 75 cities worldwide.” Denver is one of those cities. If you’ve ever had the please of working with, or meeting any of the Dress for Success Denver staff or volunteer members, you know just how passionate and caring these folks are.

This is the third year that they host a very, VERY good sale event called, “Bring Your Own Shopping Bag Sale.” This year, the event will be held at very chic venue, a furniture design company called Djuna, located at 899 N. Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 (on the corner of 9th & Broadway), on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012, from 9 am- 3 pm. I have pedaled past this gorgeous store and gawked in the windows at their really beautiful furniture well above my IKEA budget, when I used to live downtown. Those familiar with the area, they are a block away from yummy Tony’s Market.

Last Year the event was held at the Dress for Success offices off Colfax and Humboldt…

Having gone to the BYOB sale last year, I can confidently give you advice on how best to shop this sale. Just to give you a teaser, I scored a khaki See by Chloe trench dress, (see photo above) that was donated from A. Line Boutique. I also scored a pair of Rag and Bone oxfords that I had been eying full price in A. Line Boutique and then, as fate would have it, popped up at the Dress for Success sale last June, in my size! I also scored the long, navy blue pleated skirt I am wearing in the profile picture on the Fashion Folio Facebook page!

Trying on…

I am telling you, you can expect amazing things at this sale! I am so so excited to see what’s in store this year! Donations are coming from equally generous people at some our favorite boutiques! Expect A. Line clothing to make a come back this year, as well as Bella Bridesmaids, Garbarini, also a donor from last year, Lovely, Marie James Dress Boutique and Two Sole Sisters. Don’t let the words “Bridesmaids” and “Dresses” scare you off, if you are attending a formal event in the coming year, why not shop for a beautiful gown now? Or, get crafty with it and pull a DIY challenge on something you see. You can’t afford to miss this event. All of the proceeds go towards purchasing plus size suits for the organization, since this area of donations is sorely lacking. So, for a wonderful cause, you too might find something to give you reason to take, and wear, years later!


1. Come at 9 am the day of the event. The good stuff goes FAST, and sizes are extremely limited, if not at all, because they are donations. There may be only one piece of an item.
2. I always wear a nude bra and thing to these sorts of events so you can really see how dresses will fit, no matter the cut, length, drape, etc.
3. Bring a pair of heels in case you are trying on dress pants or dresses. This will help elongate your lines (There could be terrible lighting and mirrors, so give yourself the best chance to look as best you can with the resources at hand.)
4. Bring a large tote or canvas carryall bag for your purchases; and your heels to try on with.
5. Bring your checkbook or cash. They will possibly have ways to pay via a credit or debit card, but always be prepared. The last thing you want to encounter as an armful of great clothing that you have to leave behind because they don’t take plastic.

Bonus… Come with an open mind and bring a friend to help you if you are unsure how to style something, or just need a confidence boost from a pal.

Hope to see you ALL there! Come back and comment with all the great things you scored! By the way, I want to say I scored all of the items mentioned above, plus some I know I am forgetting, all for about $150. Just to give you an idea of scoring greatness. Also another warm thank you to the other sponsors of this fine event who include: Pop Chips, Curves, Little Black Dress Vodka and Kind Healthy Snacks.

Photos above from The Dress for Success BYOB Sale from June 2011, courtesy of Dress for Success


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2 Responses to “A Dress for Success Event That is SURE to Give You Your BEST Sale Story Yet!”

  1. Annie Says:

    I love your style in dresses. Which boutique is this that you are referring to? If it’s local, I’d definitely want to check it out. I’ve seen similar stuff at http://pearlposh.com , but would prefer a physical store once in a while.

    • gschinagl Says:

      Hello there Annie! That particular post was about a sale that happens once a year. Dress for Success is an organization which I explained, and once a year they contact local stores for past season clothing to sell at their sale to raise money for their organization. Each sale and year is different merchandise, but you can find dresses at A. Line, Blush, Garbarini, L.A. Pink’s, Goldyn, Roxy, Common Era, Starlet, Unity, Alisha, Maxx and many more boutiques around Denver.

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