Underpinnings at the Ritz: Wacoal Lingerie visits Denver Bloggers

A couple weeks ago I was invited by Wacoal to attend a personalized fitting session at the Ritz Carlton in Denver!

While I knew my size already, 34 B, (after all I used to work at Victoria’s Secret back in the day, a couple short weeks during Holiday, and knew the importance of how important a good fitting bra is), I did gleefully head downtown to see what this Wacoal was all about anyhow. Once inside the beautiful sweet, high above downtown Denver, I mingled with bloggers like Tara Rex of Tara Dara Made It (she makes really cool iphone and ipad covers and might be on the next Shark Tank), and finally met Elizabeth Royal of Eliza Lives in her adorable Kate Spade dress, and met a new, GORGEOUS face (she reminds me of Eva Mendes a little), Marion Green of Marion Berry Style.

We sipped on wine and the hotel catered lovely bites like pita and hummus, you know I love me some Mediterranean food ;), and over sized peanut butter cups while we waited our turn to get personally fit by an official Wacoal consultant. We perused the panties on the rolling rack, soooo pretty, in fact I had JUST seen a really adorable pair of undies a couple days prior while strolling through Macy’s by Wacoal! Matter of fact, I was told that Wacoal is sold at most Macy’s, also at Nordstrom and Dillard’s and Neiman Marcus.

When it was my turn to unclothe, I was met in the privacy of the roomy bedroom in this luxury sweet (1401 in case anyone is feeling fancy and wants to book a romantic night) with Susan, an amazing fit specialist who works exclusively for Wacoal, but lives here in Denver. We got close Susan and I… She exclaimed that I was the “sample size,” and proceeded to bring me bra after gorgeous bra in for me to try.

Va va voom… Glo loved the Double Drama which gave my sample size (34 B’s) a lovely and sexy pump up to my chin! My hubby would love this one! Even though I was in the market for a nude strapless, I went for the cobalt blue Double Drama. I can’t wait for it to arrive and more importantly for me to wear it under a basic tee and then surprise my hubby with it! Check out Wacoal’s contemporary line, b.tempt’d, their younger line, next time you’re in the department store. Super sexy and fun colors and trimmings!

Here’s what that lovely thing will look like, minus this girl’s voluptuous fill…


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3 Responses to “Underpinnings at the Ritz: Wacoal Lingerie visits Denver Bloggers”

  1. Dani Says:

    This is something on my to-do list. Things change after babies and I have not been fitted in….well, too long to post!! Good to know that Wacoal is sold at Macy’s as I have a gift certificate with some new braas and panties in mind!

  2. Marionberry Style Says:

    Aww, thanks for the sweet mention girl! And I love your write-up (as always!)
    XO – Marion

  3. Tara Says:

    It was so great to finally meet you here … bra fitting and all! It was a great event in a wonderful venue!!!! See you soon, sweet lady!!! xo

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