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I used to live right downtown across from the Governor’s mansion on 8th and Logan. Those were the days I’d cruise down to Rooster Moon Cafe and grab coffee before continuing on to school. I still visit Rooster Moon as often as possible when I am around the Golden Triangle. I used to pass by this awesome building and would look at the writing on the window, “bulthaup,” and day dream about what it was like on the inside, and wonder who got to work in such a cool little building. A couple weeks ago a friend, owner of the extraordinary children’s clothing boutiques Nest (one on 6th and Detroit, and one on Larimer Square), invited me to join her at an exclusive party, soft launch event, for a very cool local guide coming to Denver. The venue location just so happened to be at said, bulthaup! I was overjoyed that A. She invited me to be her date, and B. that I was going to get to see the inside of this sleek bricks and mortar!

The intimate gathering was getting a first listen in on Scout Guide Denver; a wonderfully curated, professionally, and beautifully, photographed publication highlighting the best small businesses and artisans of a city, in this case, Denver. The founder, Suzie Matheson, saw a need to highlight the special uniqueness of her town Charlottesville, Virginia when on vacation with her boys in Newport Beach. The boys were in Barnes and Noble and became confused when the scenery reminded them of their home, and they asked if they were in Charlottesville still. Their familiar surroundings had disoriented the boys as they were in a chain franchise. Suzie realized then and there that it might be a very bland world to live in if all we had were the same replicated bricks and mortars dotted across the land. Being a very good supporter of local businesses already, and being on top of all the best places to go for the best organic produce, or the best cheese, and always willing and ecstatic to share about these places, the idea of Scout Guide was born. She thought, “I am going to sell my town!”

How incredible is her floral Chris Benz jacket? Yes, I had to ask her who it was…

Suzie Matheson, Founder of the Scout Guide (Image from the guide, and also see a great write up on the guides here.)

Hearing Suzie speak was a very great privilege, to hear her passion first hand, and being in alignment with her ideologies and thought process was really, just a great experience. She said that, “It shouldn’t matter if a guy from Connecticut wants that great kitchen he saw in Denver,” (bulthaup as it turns out is a high end kitchen distributor, who’d have thunk it?), and that he should be able to get connected and purchase it, no matter his location. Suzie says that the current publications are conversation pieces in and of themselves, even collectibles, and are great bedside table books for guests visiting. Hand the Scout Guide to them and their on their way- making a day of discovering very unique things.

Cutie bartender in floral pants!

And check out this fabulous jacket?! Prints were plentiful!

Currently, there are printed and online publications for Alexandria, Charleston, Charlotte and Charlottesville. It looks like there are many more cities coming- see list here. Lucky for us, Aspen is at the printer press as we speak, and Denver is in the works! Yes, you heard me right….DENVER…. not L.A., or NYC, or Miami…not even Seattle- yet, of course! We feel very honored that Suzie and Scout have selected our wonderful city to showcase in such an innovative and artistic way. Watch for it around town.

Loved Nest Boutique Owner’s outfit! Yellow pants, Gap, top Target and Toms wedges. So cute! And she has three kiddos!

Doesn’t he just scream, “Hi, I’m Mr. Big” ?!?!?

That there is the little, demure photographer of the Scout Guides in the floral dress. She’s chatting to Alex Ollig of Perfect Petal.

This is Suzie Matheson’s sister! She lives here in Denver, and was the sweetest! Her green clutch is also a local Boulder designer.

At the bulthaup event our mouths were delighted with amazing cheese selections and even a duck prosciutto from Curtis Park Delicatessen Denver, a great, local place in Five Points! Check em out! There was also incredible wines from a local vineyard. Yes, LOCAL, as in North Denver local, by Balisteri Vineyards. DELISH! Try their 2010 Dry Muscat, only $20 a bottle! It was soooo incredible and smooth, not sweet like most Muscats. So they tell me- it was actually my first time having Muscat. Pretty floral arrangements dotted the buffet by our friends at Perfect Petal.

What are some of your favorite local businesses and artisan friends? It can be outside of Denver? Share with me! Also, check out my guide to Highlands in my Push Pin Your Town Segments. Couture Colorado also did a nice write up recently on the Lower Highlands, aka, LoHi hood- see their post here (amazing photos, yeah?)


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