Macy’s Line Bar III Comes to the Mile High Flea!

When was the last time you went to the flea market? Come on, think back…you can do it! For me, I had to have been like 10. We used to go as a family and I sold leather bracelets and brightly colored carpety ponchos. A taste of entrepreneurship, and I loved it! This Saturday and Sunday you should try to make it up to the Mile High Flea Market!!! I know, I know, an afternoon on hot asphalt, smelling roasting tamales and being ankle bumped by strollers into rows of lined blankets with tire rims and old records sounds horrific, but here’s why you should go, and this weekend of all weekends. Macy’s contemporary line Bar III is flaunting its stuff by touring flea markets across the country, and they are hitting up NYC, Pasadena, Chicago and yours truly- D-Town! So, now you can’t say nobody ever comes here, or, nothing ever happens in Denver! Macy’s chose a couple style ambassadors; miss Aimee Song, the blogger behind Song of Style, and the winner of Refinery 29’s Next Big Style Blogger Contest, Danielle Bernstein, from We Wore What will both be in the house, um, tent.
Aimee Song of Song of Style

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What?

So try to make it and meet these awesome blogging gals, and shop the new Macy’s line Bar III. Don’t worry, if de-pantsing in front of an entire parking lot of people is not your style, sales people are on had to dial up customer service for your desired purchases and free shipment to your house, where you can try it on in peace and quiet. However, if you spend $100 or more a limited-edition tote from one of my favorites, Fleabags, is all yours.
A Fleabag Ballet Tote:Arcade, $165 (Not an example of the bag that will necessarily be given out.)

So get your fanny pack prepped, be ready to chow down on a turkey leg and wear your walking shoes! Look for the Bar III tent! See what you can expect from Kenton Magazine’s coverage of the pop-up flea!
When: Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd- 7 am- 5 pm both days


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