Five Points Jazz Festival: Babies, BBQ and Break Dancing…

This gorgeous duplex mansion we parked in front of. Please have me for tea if you are reading this…

Last Saturday I FINALLY made it to the 4th annual Five Points Jazz Festival. I woke up to clouds and drizzly rain coming down outside my window. That did not stop me nor my adventurous new momma friend from Toronto. She bundled that baby up in her Britax and we had a ball!
We found easy parking on the street at 24th and Washington and strolled on over to Coffee at the Point. We figured we could fuel up here, and wait for the rain to subside. We caught the timing just right and found a comfy leather couch to snuggle up on. Guess what another favorite part of mine was…they served Novo coffee!

Me in a Disigual sweater purchased at an outlet in Barcelona on our honeymoon last March, layered over a blouse from H&M, funny, also purchased on our honeymoon but at H&M in Florence. Oh, and that’s my chopped off due…from Daniel at Matthew Morris- the best.

We listened to Chris Kroger Trio, and then just as we were about to head out, we were lured back to our seats, literally lulled right back down, by this awesome group called Impromptu! Must download or find their tunes stat! They were incredible! The violinist, Katie Glassman, “returned to America from studying Gypsy Jazz in France with the renowned violinist Didier Lockwood,” and she must have picked up on the Parisian fashion, because she had an incredible sense of style- you know as those artsy musicians do- sort of Florence Welch wearing tattered Versace.

We wandered out hesitantly, we left their set early to get some fresh air and a bite. My friend fancied jerk chicken, I had a beef Philly cheese steak sandwich- nom nom NOM! Vendor food, but I remember it was called Flava and they had an Aurora location. We took snaps of the awesome architecture and stumbled upon a stage wear they had youth break dancers and hip hop. It was such a fun afternoon! I know I missed some booths, like the Colorado Creative booth and all the art installations, but for two girls traveling with a 3 month old baby, in the on and off rain, I thought we saw, heard and tasted what the jazz fest was all about. You can follow me on instagram @gschinagl and search #5pointsjazzfest.


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One Response to “Five Points Jazz Festival: Babies, BBQ and Break Dancing…”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    Oooh, girl, you are the BEST! I can’t wait until next Thursday! (A blog comment probably isn’t the most appropriate place to put this but I’ma do it anyways!!!)

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