“Southern Charm” with Hospitality by Neiman Marcus and Hpnotiq

Photo of Tinsley Mortimer and Glorianna Schinagl by Debbie Crecelius of WonderWorks Photography (Thanks!)

Last week, I received a surprise invitation to attend a book signing for Tinsley Mortimer’s new book, “Southern Charm,” at Neiman Marcus. I did not want to pass up the opportunity to meet the NYC socialite herself; the blonde, Tinkerbell-esque southern girl I had once watched on television a couple years back when she had her own reality series, “High Society.” (I warn, not the best reviews and hence its cancellation I presume.) Having an understanding of Miss Mortimer and her background, I knew what I was in for, and the fete did not upset. Cupcakes by our local love Happy Cakes, fun purple hued champagne concoctions by Hpnotiq and a new take on the mint julep featuring Mortimer’s storied character’s name, “Minty.”

The purple and white floral bouquets set up around the shoe salon of Neiman’s welcomed a select group of girls from the Denver scene, as well as fashion bloggers and editors. Suzanne Brown of the Denver Post, who I admire immensely, was able to get an impressive and somewhat fruitful interview out of the bubblegum debutante whereas I was barely able to gather from her what her book is about. She describes the tome as, “An easy and fun read… Really, a fish out of water type story.”

It was a fun event and it was a pleasure to have a light brush with fame, but even more interesting than discovering I look like a giant beast next to reality starlets, it was fun to get out and meet fashion lovers in the community like Rachel Garcia, the blogger of Dress Up Denver, a newbie on the fashion blogging scene here, who, within 10 minutes of conversing with, shared a passion and drive I saw in myself when I started little ole Fashion Folio…can’t wait to meet up and exchange notes with her more, and no, I am most certainly NOT cooler than she is 😉 When in line to get my book signed I was complimenting the three gals in front of me and it turned out I was standing behind the owner of Gracie’s Unique Apparel on South Pearl Street in Denver and her lovely daughter! Small world Denver is….I love her shop and you should check it out too! In fact, her daughter was wearing an awesome, tangerine blouse by BCBG from the shop- WANT. I have to say, Coral, tangerine and navy were all very present colors in the crowd, and I was happy I had picked up my Webster Miami shift dress from Target the night before.
The Owner of Gracie’s Unique Apparel in Middle and her gorgeous daughter in orange top

Rachel Garcia of Dress Up Denver

I also ran into fashion folk like Paulina Szafranski the marketing brains behind some of Denver’s hottest clubs like Chloe, Suite 200 and 24K. I finally met her face to face. I have always seen her on Larimer Square, darting to meetings or grabbing a coffee at the Market, but it was good to finally shake her hand. I also ran into an old co-worker from my days at Nordstrom, Park Meadows. That was back in 2007, what a blast from the past! She was as cute and bubbly as I remember her and is doing marketing and ad sales for a new fashion mag in Denver…Affair….watch for it.
I sipped on two Hpnotiq Harmonie beverages, those are the nummy champagny ones, and enjoyed the scenery of Chanel shoes at Neiman’s. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening. Order the book on Amazon, try a Hpnotiq Harmonie at your next outting. Summer’s up!


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  1. FashionDoc (@TFTMToday) Says:

    Thanks for sharing your pics for this event!

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