LA Designer with a New 5280 Address: Welcome 50 Dresses!

I have blogged about this cutie patootie designer, Tess Vigil of 50 Dresses, before, and I also gave away one of her awesome dresses back here. She reached out to me a couple weeks ago to meet for a coffee upon moving back to Denver to talk fashion, and I have to say, I want her as a new best friend! Super bright, she was a school teacher in LA schools before getting into design, not to mention gorgeous inside and out, with an intense knowledge of wine and food and Russian literature, everyone I introduce her to seems to also fall under her sweet spell. We are so happy she is back here in Colorado for a time! Take advantage ladies, and visit her showroom this Saturday night and get your hands on an original Tess Vigil piece, she’s going to explode. Yup, she’s that organized and business savvy to already have set up shop after being here less than a month. I got a sneak peek of her dresses last Friday, and a couple girlfriends and I were spoiled and played dress up over homemade cosmos. It was so fun to have Tess tell us how it was supposed to fit, where it should hit on lenght, etc. She will be on hand Saturday to help you get the perfect dress too. Let’s just say, pre-sales are in order.

So this is where I will be this Saturday, along with other smarty pants fashionistas who know what’s up: 50 Dresses Open Studio Party- Click here to RSVP!!!
WHEN: Saturday, May 12, 2012 TIME:6:00pm until 10:00pm WHERE: 3525 Walnut St. #2

You can expect to see all of these dresses below, and then some. Wanna know the best part? Current spring dresses, as well as past season samples and one-of-a-kinds, (we love those), are $10-$30 off of their original retail prices, which are typically $70-$130 which means some of them are starting at $40! That’s two twenties folks… for an original design, with excellent craftsmanship and detail. She was telling us that some of the fabrics were vintage and from Italy, some were imported, she has a great eye! Her designs can also be found currently in Fred Segal in Santa Monica and a couple boutiques in New York. There will also be sweets and other studios in the building are also having open houses that night, so it should be a festive evening of studio hopping, beer tasting, mingling and again, playing dress up!


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