Buffalo Exchange Denver’s New Digs: Where the Style Set with Rotating Closets Shop

Last weekend I took the bus downtown to get a haircut. My guy is at Matthew Morris, and I haven’t been in so long, I was REALLY looking forward to getting these split ends off. It took me an hour and a half to get there, taking two buses and walking 10 city blocks. Needless to say, I missed my trim. The disappointment didn’t last long; I had planned to peruse the shops along Broadway and make a day of it. So I packed a bag of my closet discards and had planned to sell at Buffalo Exchange’s new Broadway location. I also wanted to check out TaRosa Jacob’s new vintage shop Wishlist Vintage, also on Broadway, but I didn’t make it there. Ran out of time, but I hope to make it there soon!

As soon as I spotted the refurbished building housing the new Fancy Tiger and Fancy Tiger Craft boutiques, and Buffalo Exchange at the corner, I got a giddy feeling that this was going to be a million times better than their cramped, neon lit space next to Quiznos on 13th and Grant where the parking situation was less than easy. This old building, preserved, polished and newly inhabited by some very cool retailers brought a new life and collection of people to this part of Broadway.

I also thought ahead and brought a book and the latest Vogue, prepared for the long wait. Everyone sells on Saturday! I know this, but this is what worked for my schedule. If you want to sell, go on a Tuesday morning when everyone else is working or in school. Anyway, after all that waiting, they took NONE of my clothes and took two old necklaces (nothing worth photographing, trust me) and I got $11 in trade. Yikes! Of course this is sort of a trap right? You get tired of waiting and all the clothes behind you are calling, and the oohs and ahhs coming out of the dressing area behind you just lures you into a shopping frenzy you never meant to indulge on because, well, you were there to SELL clothes and get cash! Every time this happens.

So Here I started browsing the racks and thought, what the heck, I’ll try some things on. After chatting up some of the girls who worked there I did learn that this new location was faring well for them and they were getting a lot of new faces in there to sell. Perhaps because it is because the new location is further south, closer to the affluent areas like Cherry Creek and Washington Park, and in a hip shopping/eating district on Broadway which draws tourists and trendsetters alike. It worked! I saw dresses from Dian von Furstenberg, Nicole Miller, Calvin Klein, plenty of lines from Anthropologie, Betsy Johnson, Sunner (a new line I just discovered that Kourtney Kardashian apparently sports often), Anna Sui for Anthropologie, and lots of great, old, no-name, vintage stuff. When I shop at Buffalo, I always go for the polyester no-name number for $6 over the really worn and sometimes dated designer piece for $50 (like the green and white printed column dress by DVF I saw on this trip.)

Before shopping though, I took photos of the new bones. Exposed beams, roll out garage style windows letting lots of much needed natural light in, hardwood, creaky floors, and plenty of shelf space for shoes and rounder racks for clothes. The Buffalo crew also made a lot of the furnishing like the incredible, circular book case behind the buying counter, the awesome metal buying table on industrial type wheels and the very crafty light fixtures made of drop hanging light bulbs underneath Charlie Chaplin style top hats. The NEW Buffalo Exchange in Denver is worth visiting- to shop, to sell, or in my case, to trade!

A Cute Shopper


This cut-out Nicole Miller was a tiny size 4. I did not even attempt to try it on- but wanted to share with you all. Go get it!

This DVF is from a few springs back. 2007 to be exact. I know because this came into the Savvy Department at Nordstrom when I was working in San Francisco. It brought back memories. Love the print, hate the style. Could be great on you though! I did not try on, just sharing with you!

Another dress I thought worth sharing, but did not try on myself. A dress by Anna Sui for Anthropologie. Love the fabric and print, but strapless isn’t what I am in the market for. Perhaps you need a summer dress?

Here’s that SUNNER stunner I was telling you about- a new line I just discovered. Loved the fabric and print, but the sleeves were too Kimono-y- and it was too big.

I loved these little shorts! They look vintage but ther were new. Also way too small for me, but someone who has an itty bitty bum reading this needs to go get them!

I was really drawn to this dress by Calvin Klein! Very Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers, right? Sort of country club-ish. Anyway, I have zero boobs, and it was also too big.

I really liked this one too! Much better on than hanging. It was slightly too baggish on me though and the color is not for me- washes me out.

I am really drawn to anything kelly green, including this dress by Theory. But the style just didn’t excite me.

Okay these handmade shorts were soooo comfy, but I decided against them. Not flattering.

Finally, I took these items home:

A sexy, body-con, purple skirt. I am loving this color lately and this is my first purple thing in my closet!

An Ikat print wrap skirt- $6! Doesn’t it look so now?! No tag…

This awesome, gypsy style dress with patchwork fabric in purples, pinks and blues. This dress also look so contemporary and now, but I think it is actually an old thrifty piece. The smocking elastic in the middle is slouchy and the tag looks old…also 100% polyester. That’s a sign. 🙂

This little lovely and sweet dress by Alison Albert??? Also very old, missing the attached belt, but that’s okay! I just bought a brown leather belt with a little silver owl from Target for $3.88! I love the puff sleeves and the very girly print on this! Can’t wait to wear it!

And this crazy skirt, $11. I thought I would wear it with a slim tank tucked in and flat sandals. Can you tell I was shopping for print, color and femme?!

I would love to hear about your thoughts on their new location and your best finds! Always feel free to comment here and leave feedback!


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One Response to “Buffalo Exchange Denver’s New Digs: Where the Style Set with Rotating Closets Shop”

  1. Marionberry Style Says:

    What a great review Glorianna! I def have to go visit next week! And I love that dress you wore last night…so gorgeous!

    XO – Marion

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