Post shOP: Denver Sample Sale Scores

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a new girl in town Katie Gartner, who aims to bring Sample Sales to Denver, at least bi-annually, with her venture Frock Shop Sales. I warned you that it would be good; after I saw the lineup of boutiques participating, I knew I was planning to go, and set a budget.
Quick side note. Some of you may or may not know, but everything on this blog is unpaid editorial, meaning I do not get paid to write about anything. This is purely authentic and I promise to tell you if and when I ever write a paid piece. That said, at first when I heard the pitch about this sale, I wasn’t sure I’d write about it, because I genuinely only write about events I plan to attend or did attend, believe in, know first hand, etc. Sadly, I wasn’t sold until I saw which boutiques were participating. But now after experiencing the sale, I can firmly give my stamp of approval for the sales to follow!
So, last Saturday, I hopped on the bus headed to downtown, equipped with a cloth bag for my hopeful purchases, wearing my spongy wedges and comfy clothes. Umbrella, check. Wool poncho, check. I stopped in Roster Moon for a coffee and a burrito, no girl should shop on an empty stomach. I was bright and early so I could get in the sale right when they opened at 10 am. Once I entered, there were already a couple gals shopping. I met the petite and quiet Katie, super cute in her Of a Kind zebra print top and skinny black jeans, and then I got down to business. I asked for the Blush and Goldyn boutique racks, two of my favorite shops in town had participated!
So here’s how I shopped the sale, keeping these thoughts in mind:
1. If I am going to buy anything, it must be the best deal to be had, at least 50-75% off.
2. No pants. Even though I did try on a pair of really great dark washed skinny jeans by Levi’s, and was this close to getting them, but I told myself that I’d rather invest in dresses, a whole outfit, and quality pieces with detailing and great fabric, than a pair of pants. That’s usually the route I take anyway. I felt I have enough great fitting denim.
3. It must fit well, feel well, suit my skin tone and I must REALLY like it and see myself wearing it multiple ways.
I ended up walking away with three dresses. A long sleeved, grey silk leopard print Rebecca Taylor from Blush, a long sleeved, black mini tunic with gold sequin detailing by French Connection from PJ’s Boutique, and a long black, jersey maxi dress by A.L.C., also from Blush. I had tried on this emerald green dress by Cynthia Steffe, which fit like a glove and was killer, but I already have a similar fitting dress in a forest green, same length and body conscious fit, too similar so I axed it. I was also torn between the black French Connection dress and a beautiful cream blouse with tan flossing near the collar, super bohemian and light and would have looked great with jeans, but decided on the dress instead. On that choice, I am still wondering if I made the right choice…
As I tried on my items, I would pop out for another size and listen in on other shoppers debating on a pair of shoes or a pair of pants. All of the women were so helpful and NICE to one another, offering up advice and suggestions, practically selling the items! This surely is now your typical Sample Sale experience, at least not like what you would expect from say a pack of Manhattanites, but we are not, we are Denverites, and we all kept it pretty damn civil and ladylike. The check out process was so easy, fast and convenient too! Just a swipe on this cool gadget called Square, for i-phones to scan credit cards, and a signature straight on the screen, super tech savvy, and I was dunzzo. I had a cup of champagne and a cupcake before heading out the door of my first sample sale.
Overall, I would have to say it was a success, for me most definitely anyway! The sales were ringing when I left that afternoon, and they had a storefront full of ladies, and the sale went on into Sunday. Katie even had her own tags and labels, signage and rolling racks prepared. The whole sale was really well organized for their first go at it, and I am sure she is already mulling over what to do to make the next one even better! I even overheard Katie offer up a clean pair of socks to a customer contemplating a pair of boots! For more sample sales and events hosted by Frock Shop Sales click here. I overheard that the next one would be sometime in the fall, after the season.

Here’s what I tried on…

Sweet Katie Gartner of Frock Shop Sales

Things I tried on but passed on:

Cynthia Steffe dress.

Elizabeth & James Top. Weird cropped cut.

Sheer navy top by Ever.

Plaid top by Ulla Johnson. Surprisingly, or not,I do not own a plaid top. But I figured it’s so trendy I could probably find something similar on the cheap at Target or Urban.

And here’s what I left with:

Hope you all can make the next one!


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2 Responses to “Post shOP: Denver Sample Sale Scores”

  1. sarahjessicamill Says:

    Have you ever been to a NY Sample Sale? Denver makes up a fraction of New York’s population, of course they’re a bit more hectic. Sounds like they had good stuff, I’m sure you felt special:)

    • gschinagl Says:

      I have not been to a sample sale in New York, but read about them and seen coverage in media and editorials. This was not really a TRUE sample sale like socialites of New York grabbing Zac Posen dresses in a dingy warehouse on the West side, but it was Denver’s idea of a “sample” sale, and in my opinion, better! šŸ™‚

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