Sample Sales in Denver?


(Image courtesy of, which I JUST discovered and am definitely following.)

Yes, that headline is a question, and I’ll answer it for you now- YES!  Finally we have fashion entrepreneur dedicated to gathering up last season’s boutique racks and compiling them into one, hellova sale! 

Katie Gartner, a CSU Fashion Merchandising Grad, is doing just that for those of us on the prowl for deeply discounted, designer threads with her company Frock Shop Sales.  On April 14th, that’s a Saturday folks, and Sunday, April 15th, from 10am-6pm, you can shop name brand clothing and accessories slashed by 50-80% off from these local boutiques:

Blush, Garbarini, Goldyn, PJ’s Boutique, Free Ravin, Audrey Marie, GoGoMarj

Where is this awesomeness going down you ask?  At the previous headquarters of Fashion Denver, and our dear friend Brandi Shigley’s current office, at 1070 Bannock Street,in the Golden Triangle area of downtown. (Roughly 10th and Bannock-ish, off of Speer)

So many times I am asked where I find things, where I bought this dress or where I got that pair of shoes, and I do try my best to share with you all on where, but the truth of the matter is, ALL OVER!  I love to hunt.  I love sales, thrifting, fleas and bin shopping.  I shop at Ross, department stores, Anthro and local boutiques too.  Not too into online shopping, I really do love the experience of shopping, feeling fabrics, trying things on and seeing the fit right then and there.  I am very impulsive.  I dig, and I always keep my eyes peeled.  If I know I have a wedding next summer, and I happen to spot the perfect dress, I buy it now and save it.  I shop fall/winter sales now for next season and spring/summer sales when the snow flies.  Some trends last a couple years, eh em, stripes, maxi skirts, oxfords, and some pieces you find are forever- a black blazer, a great pair of dark washed denim, a crisp white button down (which I still am on the hunt for.)  Heck, I still have dresses from high school!  So, please, please do not miss this first ever sample sale in Denver by Frock Shop Sales!

One last point while I am thinking of it, please lose this perception now that “boutique” means “expensive.”  I am here to tell you that is false, untrue, an urban myth and frankly, ignorant.  If you are paying full price for retail at the mall, or even spending $100’s of dollars at Target, then you can afford any of these boutiques on a full priced day too.  Don’t let the fancy word, “boutique,” scare you away from finding something unique, special and as wonderful as you are!

That’s my bit, see you on the 14th! Tell Katie I sent you!


Oh, oh, AND….I almost forgot to mention! Champs will be served courtesy of Vino Vino, and cupcakes from Sugar High Cakes. Done and done.


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3 Responses to “Sample Sales in Denver?”

  1. Jani McCarty Says:

    If Katie Gartner is involved in this event, I trust it will be worthwhile.
    Best Wishes you all!

  2. sarahjessicamill Says:

    OMG Champs?!? Is this a thing? I hope it doesn’t catch on.

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