So who knew Ann Taylor had a little sister called LOFT? Well, they do, obviously, and it’s too good not to share. A little less stuffy, a lot more playful and young, and the perfect ratio of trendy to classic every young lady should invest in.
I admit I have seen their store on 16th Street and Curtis downtown and have passed by it many times, but when I actually really checked out what they have, I was surprised to see many pieces I want! Maybe it’s because I’ve approached their demographic now, but 10 years ago, I definitely did not see the appeal. So now that I’m this mature young lady, well you know, sort of, I can appreciate the sophistication and wearability of the LOFT pieces. Not only appreciate it, but want to actually purchase and wear it! Turns out, they have quite a few locations in Colorado, not just downtown! See the list here.
As a career gal myself, who sometimes finds herself having to go to the in-laws straight from work on a Friday night for the family dinner, or hitting the train to get downtown for a fashion event mid week, or heck just wanting to look polished and put together any old time, even on campus, because I know the importance of presentation and you never know who you’ll bump into, I really am loving these pieces from LOFT for my wardrobe and lifestyle. Have you shopped at LOFT or own anything from them? I am actually heading to the Park Meadows location this afternoon to try some of this on and see it in person!
Loving these! Who says we have to wear flip flops in summer? Class it up with some….style!

Gisela Multi Strap Sandals $69.50

Okay, don’t these look so comfy? I’d wear them with platform wedges and either a billowy, peasant blouse in white, or a bright orange top. Stripes on top would be cute too! Well, even into fall with a chunky knit sweater. Love. These.

Chambray Trousers- $69.50

So, this is on the high end, but it’s a dress! A whole outfit! This is so feminine and my go-to silhouette being tall, hippy, and the best part of my body being my waist; for now anyway. 🙂 Love the tie!

Tie Neck Blouse Dress- $89.50

Okay, this one is a fashion bloggers’ dream because it hits all the right notes on color, texture, print, silhouette and edge! WANT this. I guess it was also featured in O Magazine. Even the Opes approves.

Snakeskin Color Block Sweater Dress- $79.99

Can Coloradans have enough boots or booties? I don’t think it’s possible. These are perfect for transitional weather. Open toe, but not so strappy and exposed that you can’t wear them in spring and fall, or even winter with tights! These are edgy and would look great with skinnie jeans or the dress above, or…a LOT of things really.

Salina Suede Booties- $99.50

There are so many more pieces I love, but these are my fave above. Go in, have fun, play around, and see what your favorite LOFT pieces are. You might be as surprised as I was, and have a new go-to store.


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