First Day of Spring Sent me Thrifting

Happy Spring!
Geesh…Coloradans are starved for warmth. Yes we have sun, but it has been cold, and windy, and I am so sick and tired of being cooped up inside! It seems the sinus infections, chest colds and ear infections have made their lovely acquaintance with everyone I know, over the past two months with all the temperature changes. But today, today is the first official day of Spring, and we’ll take it!
The last few days, hubby was down with a very terrible chest cold. To the point of, hold your breath, taking a day of of work! This is soooo unlike him, in fact the first time in the five years I’ve known him that he’s really been hit with a bug like this! Poor baby…
So with him tucked in with all liquids, cough syrups and necessities in arms reach, I ventured out to face Spring! I wore a bright red and prple printed polyester tunic from Custo barcelona that i purchased in NYC a couple years ago, (if you want Spring, Custo says Spring with their colors and prints like no other.) I wore black leggings, and the ankle boots I got at the swap, along with the turquoise Big Buddha bag i won at the swap. Marni for H&M sunnies, and my Zoobi Designs necklace completed the look and I was off to find a new thrift store in my new hood! The gal at the Coffee Bean gave me a tip on where to go and upon following it, boy did I SCORE!
I found amazing things including a straw tote for jaunts to the park, or in lieu of plastic at the grocer (if I remember to put it in the car), a long, white, cotton nightie that I can see as a cover up or layered summer dress, an Oscar De La Renta tie for husband for $4.99!!!!, a white (what appears to be faux, ostrich) clutch, a black box purse with a green flap and gold clasp that looks very Fendi, a kelly green blouse with perfect puckering, and great children’s books and adorable corduroy skirts from Children’s Place for the nieces. Told ‘ya…score. Oh, and did I mention they were all $5 and under?!
So what are you looking forward to this spring? My last twenties girl birthday is April 4th! Ooops, am i giving Google TMI?! Don’t care. I am also looking forward to wrapping up this dang semester- brutal, and this Thursday I get to check out the YSL Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum! So so excited! This exhibit is ONLY coming to Denver, so if you live here, no excuse, if you’re visiting Denver- a MUST SEE!!! Stay tuned for coverage…
In the meantime, here’s my thrift finds today!

Jessica Alba’s purse inspired my find! (Photo via Google)


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