Swapped Me off My Feet: And Then She Saved Accessories Swap

Anna Newell Jones, Center, of AndThenSheSaved.com, Host of the Accessories Swap at the Curtis Hotel

Happy Sunday!

I woke up a happy camper this morning, and not just because I got to sleep in until noon. Eeek…No, it is because I had the most fun last night at the And Then She Saved Accessories Swap, also hosted by Handbags.com (sister site of local E-Bags.com), AND by Big Buddha Handbags, one of my favorite lines (I have two already) who were giving away bags!

So I took the Light Rail downtown last night around 4:30. It was a gorgeous, sunny Denver evening. I was early so I stopped on Larimer Square and got an iced latte, yup, cold! Then I walked over to Tattered Cover and caught up on my gossip rags- Snooki is pregnant, Katie Holmes might be, and everyone wishes Kate Middleton would be. I hit the ATM, and headed over to the Curtis Hotel for the swapping event which was set to start at 6:30. I was well prepared, having pulled this helpful checklist up on my phone before hand. Ten items, check, $5 cash, check, a big bag for all my goodies (not on list) but, check!

Headed to the elevator, floor 2, to the Peek-a-Boo Room. This hotel is so kitschy and fun! Upon arrival, there was a smart layout outside of the room where you could sign up for newsletters, which I am all about as a blogger- the more content littering my inbox the better. This setup was drastically more formal and organized than the first And Then She Saved Swap I attended a couple months ago, which I blogged about here. This time around there were inspectors to look over the swapping items before they were accepted, don’t worry it was not as scary as it sounds. Most everyone listened and brought things they would only want to give to a close friend or sister, nothing too awful. Anything that was left over was donated to Safe House Denver, along with a good percentage of our $5 cover fees.

My owl button I made.

Once I came in, everything was so pretty and laid out! To the right they had a button making station- so fun! You could cut images out of magazines and make little pins! I had a “hoot!” To the left, you had a station set up by Tootsies nail Salon where they were doing $5 manicures! There were also yummy cupcakes from Pastel bakery. DJ, cash bar for wine and beer, and along the back wall, a fun photo booth- Anna and her husband are photographers. Can’t wait to see the shots! Another fun activity they had was a handbag design competition! You had to decorate this xerox copy of an outline of a handbag in order to win a Big Buddha bag. I sat on the floor in a corner and cut magazine paper and used stickers from an advert to secure my magazine clippings to the paper. I was pretty proud of the design, sort of geometric and artsy, with spots of color. They would announce the winners at the end of the swap.

The handbag I designed.

This time around, the swapping area was sectioned off and was only open once the swap began at 7:30, so no perusing about and scoping out what you wanted, this was an equal opportunity swap. I thought it would be madness as women were getting lined up about 10 minutes to and I could see the hunt glistening in their eyes, but it turned out that nobody got trampled and there wasn’t any grabby hands. man, Denver ladies are so civilized! They had all of the jewelry neatly tagged and placed on tables, in sections, bangles, earrings, necklaces. They had shoes on the far left table, organized by size and pairs were clothes pinned together. They had handbags and scarves and hats, belts, and outerwear scarves and hats, all in the middle two tables.

When the swapping began, I went straight for the jewelry. I found a fun, sparkly butterfly cocktail ring, four pairs of earrings and a charm necklace. I didn’t evaluate the necklace too closely, it’s for an Aquarius, but I might sport it layered with other charm necklaces I have anyway. I found a cute pink and maroon checked neck scarf, and a lonesome handbag left over. It was a woven leather bag, that had a 70’s vibe to it; perfect for summer with a sundress. I made my way over to the shoes just as all the swapping had died down. I’m a big foot, size 10, so I thought maybe there just might be something. There was! A fun pair of ankle boots from Mossimo, the Target brand. The soles were actually rubber, looked like wood, but better, because they are more shock absorbent and great for running around campus in next fall.

The accessories I scored at the swap!

When all the hoopla died down, they gathered us around and announced the winners of the handbag design contest. There were quite a few giveaways! Drum roll please…they announced first place….Glorianna Schinagl! Wohoo!!!!! I what?! I won! I got to take home this gorgeous turquoise blue Big Buddha bag!!!! This bag ladies, was a $95 retail value….That just put the cherry on the top of an already wonderfully fun evening! THANK YOU!

The Big Buddha bag I won! Thanks Handbags.com!

The swap could not have ran more smoothly, and have been more fun! I was going around, snapping photos and live tweeting about the event (they even gave us a helpful hashtag to use #303swap) and I had asked the girls if they had fun and found great things, and it seemed that there were a lot of satisfied swappers in the room! Hope you will all make it out to the next one!

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