People, Places & Things.

I will not start with an apology for lack of blog posts. I will not apologize, I will not! Okay…I am SO SORRY!

I thought I would give you an update on where I have been and what the heck I have been up to these days. Don’t feel too bad…I have disgustingly missed calls from friends, done a personal Facebook cleanse, and a somewhat FB hiatus for lack of time (except work and fashion news of course), and have been cooped up in the casa basically since semester resumed back in January, with nary the sight of friends or even family. Well, then there’s all this in between:

I joined Pinterest! Thanks to my sister Stephanie and friend Michelle, who have been quite the “Pin” cheerleaders, and after I finally had time to actually open that coveted e-mailed invitation, I have been trying to create boards, you know, in my “spare” time. This pinning stuff is serious biz folks…

Oh, and still on the ole Facebook page too. Follow me there for more frequent info there including sales and events.

Crummy…crummy thing happened. I was uber sick with a creepy sinus infection that had me out of work and school and in bed for a solid 4.5 days. Vix Vapor Rub will always be my friend, thanks momma.

Got well just in time for Valentine’s Day… Came home to a majorly sweet display on the kitchen table from husband, and we took a train ride downtown for a show at Comedy Works. A totally fun and spontaneous evening, for a “school” night. He writes tear jerker cards- I have been blessed with this man!

I wore a vintage red skirt with cupids…how apro

The night before I made Mazen Rice Krispie Treats for the first time ever! (On a fancy china plate I found at my new favorite Arc by my house. Set of six dessert plates and teacups and saucers. SCORE!)

We’ve been receiving house warming gifts from friends…including this cute drawing from a three year old on wrapping paper. That’s Maz and me! Also, a friend gave me this LIVING beaut below…(Sadly we had to cancel our housewarming party twice due to snow and sinus flurries.)

I went shopping at Kohls for the first time in over a decade, because I meandered in the one less than a mile from my house. I left with these…and I’ve been back since, just to look though! It is completely dangerous living a 5 minute bike ride from Target and Kohls!

Leopard loafers by Candies from Kohls

Red Union Bay skinnies for $24.99 from Kohls

Wedge buckled booties by Vera Wang Lavender Label from Kohls

Oh, then there’s been the studying of Macro Economics, History of Modern China, Social Media in Business and…Urban Geography and Infrastructure where we read, “On The Grid” by Scott Huler, and “Tomatoland” by Barry Eastbrook. I organized a tour for the class at Aurora Water (we have some of the cleanest water around) and a classmate brought in as many varieties of tomatoes as she could get her hands on in local grocers…

I’ve been LOVING all sorts of wild prints and parings lately and have been playing with them in my own attire, and stepping outside my comfort zone and donning more color as of late.

Dress at Anthropologie..forget the designer.
Dress at Anthropologie..forget the designer.
Awesome dress from Urban OutfittersAwesome dress from Urban Outfitters
Blouse from Kohls
Blouse from Kohls
Floral dresses at Target
Floral dresses at Target

And then there’s me..

Jones of New York Striped top from Ross$19.99, floral Anna Sui for Anthropologie Skirt purchased at Buffalo Exchange last year, Rebecca Minkoff Handbag from Goldyn

Purple Pants from Rome, Matthew Berman ankle boots from last year

And hubs…even! This shirt is from Banana Republic. We had this fun Progressive Dinner with all of our new neighbors last weekend where we started at one house for apps, moved on to another for salad, another for main course, and another for dessert! Such a great evening! My neighbor organized a game where she put a name tag on your back and you had to mingle and ask questions to figure out who you were. Hubsy was Janet Jackson, Hilary Clinton…and Arnold. The last most fitting.

Also really enjoying taking long shopping trips to really LOOK. Seriously, just look. I spent like 3 hours in Target a week or so ago and you would be surprised that you can find very fashion forward items that all the bloggers are sporting, and eerily similar to top designers.

For instance…the khaki jacket which is so, so TIMELESS! Wear it as a light jacket in fall and spring, layer over florals or stripes, add a scarf, over dresses, on top of jeans, roll the sleeves…A must piece in any closet. I’m currently on the hunt for a perfect one.


A street style post from

Target. Not bad…

Or, the navajo printed belt…trendy, but cheap at Target.

Navajo belts at Target

And then there’s the ubiquitous bag around the blogoshpere that, they swear they’d eat yogurt for a month if they could get their hands on it, Proenza Schouler neon purse. Me personally? Not so much…


Target’s. (It felt cheap, and it’s too trendy for my liking personally. I am more into long term, classic and iconic pieces as of late. Not necessarily luxury, or expensive, just tasteful and something I’m REALLY going to get mileage out of.) What are you into buying lately?

Satchel at Target.

Lastly, we’ve of course been tasting! Mazen took me to an amazing Lebanese restaurant last week called Amira’s on Evans, and Colorado, next to the Ford dealership. This was a beef schwarma pizza. They have more traditional dishes too, and they make the crust and breads to order! Price $7.95 for this! We also went on a super fancy dinner date for Denver Restaurant Week last Friday night. We went to Panzano, an Italian restaurant beneath the Hotel Monaco downtown, on 17th and Champa. I have been eying this resti for years! They have been in biz for 14 years! They took make their bread on site- DAILY! The food was incredible…highly recommend the beef ribs- marinated for 8 hours and slow cooked for 4. Also the homemade gnocchi was divine and the mushroom appetizer with truffle oil and the calamri…oh and the Falangina wine. So it came out to be a little more than $52.80 with the vino… stellar waiter named Dimitri.

And finally…we never miss out on a good dessert in this house. Tonight we polished off a super yummy quiche I concocted with the scrumptious strawberry shortcake. On our china plates from our wedding. #fancy

I do have a super exciting post to share wit you tomorrow night about my morning today! Promise! Meet me back here this time tomorrow! I’ll give you a hint- has something to do with H&M and their most recent collaboration… Know what it might be?! Stay tuned…



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One Response to “People, Places & Things.”

  1. Dani Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you scored at H&M!! Wish they sold online, it is so, SO hard to get down there with the little men in tow! 😦

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